Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yesterday may not have been my best post. I know some of you may not find a post about aliens and pee pee scintillating stuff. I know I've written better and I know I've written worse but imagine my horror upon opening my blog and seeing a sad 13 comments. 13!!!! Oh no! How can this be? I know I'm not supposed to be counting. I know its not about quantity but quality of comments but 13!

I'm nothing but a comment ho I admit it. Vered had just written a post on closing comments. On not just playing tag to get a cheep comment. I wanted to be like her I really did but upon seeing 13 I knew I was not as evolved. But I admit it I love tag. I think I now realize that I am such a comment ho I will clap my hands for a simple LOL. Its true I do breath a sigh of popular contented relief when I see I've gotten over 20 comments. I might even giggle with delight when I hit the 30 mark. If that makes me shallow so be it!

But 13? Is there something hanging out of my nose? Was I a little on the ripe side yesterday? Bed bugs got 31 and lice in the eye got 29. I see you are all a gross bunch. Even the headless hamster got 32 comments.

So I would like to give an award for those wonderful people who commented on my alien pee pee story. Here's to you my loyal bloggy friends who will listen to my pee pee story and will make comments that include the word Uranus.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us
Not Your Aunt Bea
Prefers Her Fantasy Life
Queen-Size funny bone
Erin, Nick and Merrick
Kate Coveny Hood
My Wonderful Men
Vered - MomGrind
King of New York Hacks
I love you all!!!!

Oops. I think Blogger messed with my comment button. Maybe you do all love my pee pee stories after all.


Suzie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
April said...

girl, i tried so VERY hard to comment on your pee post yesterday. but alas, it would not let me :-(

Erin said...

You're welcome. I love pee stories (just kidding). I have been noticing lately that blogger and wordpress are having problems. WHAT IS WRONG, administrator people??? Fix the problems so we can get all of the comments we desperately want and people desperately want to leave us!

Vered said...

Thank you for the award... it's good to feel appreciated. :)

And for the link!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

How about that. The one day that I don't get to comment, and you give out an award with a toad on it!
Boo hoo.
I will never leave you again.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Suzie! You're giving me a complex. I think 13 is probably my average number of comments. And I'm always quite pleased to be in the double digits.

Meg said...

Thanks for the award. It just proves there's an upshot to talking about human waste products!

Sandra Carvalho said...

Hey!Thanks for stopping by!
Tina is in deed such a wonderful friend.
Have a great day.

Debbie said...

Don't listen to these people claiming they tried to comment - it was just us - your truest of the true friends that commented. And, does that award come with any cash? I'm running a little low over here.

Adrienne said...

I could fib and say I tried to leave a comment, but really I was trying to get some actual work done. That'll teach me!

Maggie said...

HOORAY for the Award!!! Thank you, thank you!! =)

I enjoyed your pee story. LOL

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Dang it all, I'm the same way. If a post gets less than 10 comments, I'm like, "A post with nothing but a picture of my kid gets 40 but my soul-wrenching, thought provoking post gets EIGHT?!?" Bah. Off to read about alien pee. Where ELSE am I going to get my 411 on that?!?

Brooke said...

awww, I am sorry I didnt comment on peepee yesterday! I just read it this morning! I do try so hard to comment frequently for you, cuz I know how much joy it brings you!!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Alien Pee and YOU both rocketh!

Valarie Lea said...

I've been trying, I really really have :(

Tina said...

i like to hear funny family stories anyway!

yes i like having the comments too. its nice that people take a geniune interest and take the time to read your stuff. gives you a buzz doesent it? x

Anonymous said...

I couldn't comment on any blogger blogs yesterday. Somehow they just wouldn't bring up an actual comment form.

So there!

Erin said...

LOL- Luv right back at cha babe!

Ali said...

I tried to comment yesterday too!

I thought your urine soaked alien story sounded a lot more peaceful than my recent close encounters with urine-soaked toddlers.

shrink on the couch said...

I saw you on mad madge and stopped by because I love your sweet marie picture!

Anonymous said...

Umm -- I'd be pretty darn happy if I could complain that 13 comments constituted a shortage.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't comment on any blogger or googley type blogs all of yesterday and for most of today.
I SO would have commented.

I understand the joy of seeing lots of comments. It is like having a full pantry.

RC said...

You know it figures, the one time I don't make a comment and you give out props. Well that'll show me, won't it. ^^ Happy Friday!

Kmommy said...

Funny!! I did try commenting the day you posted that one... I kept hitting the "post a comment" and I thought some alien was interfering! ;) I ended up messing w/my computer for like an hour and by the time I got it back up and running again I had totally forgotten what the heck I was doing ;)
I thought it was hilarious (and I won't go back and try to comment now, I'll just comment here) :)
I'm in the middle of potty training too... and those pull ups are damned expensive... and my boy *has* to have the lightning mcqueen pullups!!

Anonymous said...

For the past 4 days, every time I've tried to comment on Blogger, it types my stuff in backwards. Like, I type it normal, but you'd have to put a mirror up to the computer to read it. Weird!

All seems to be better now...fingers crossed!

P.S. I'm jealous of your 13 comments!

shutter girl said...

Totally jealous of your 13 comments. Its a good day when I get 4 and the one time I got 8 I had to call my mom! Give me some bloggy lovin'

R Allen said...

I'm lucky if I get 1 comment. But I'm not very funny. Even my husband sighs and looks away, but then I haven't written anything about pee yet...

Maybe there's hope.

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