Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Send Me a Gooroo Please

I'M sorry Ive been so MIB (again). Its been so hard just keeping up with everything. Every time I turn around a new crisis seems to be tapping me on the shoulder and sneezing in my direction. I hate to complain ( no really OK maybe I do) but who knew this whole working mommy thing would be this hard. So far this school year we've had:

broken bones,
several herniated disks,
school placement problems,
a pinched nerve,
and the most fun of all LICE!

And just the normal things like trying to balance a full time job and running back and forth between two schools is just doing me in. The idea of cooking dinner and doing homework after working a full day,running back and forth between two school across town from each other in 25 minutes while pushing a stroller with a toddler complaining she cant breath and she wants to walk is as appetizing as a plate of cooked meal worms in a light broth. (phew)

Every time I feel like I may have it under control I learn I really don't. It enough to make me sit around and waste my time dreaming of an early retirement or running away and joining some weird cult just so I can have new things to worry about.

Anyway I'm still here just insane and bitter and overworked and ready to cry at the drop of a hat.

Anyone met any good cult leaders if so send him my way I got my bags packed and I have a valid passport ready.

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