Monday, March 31, 2008

Tag Me I'm A Virgin

I've been tagged. It is my first time so I guess I am a tagging virgin. I have no idea what a meme is but I will try to play. I've seen these on other people's blogs and I was always a little jealous it meant you were a real blogger. I"M A REAL BLOGGER NOW! WEEEEE!!!!!!

Anyway Gerbil tagged me and I have been told this is how you play. I have lifted the rules directly from Gerbil's blog so please don't sue me this is my first time:

Rules are:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So here I go drum roll please:

1. I am scared of statues. The roman kind especially make me nervous. When I was a kid they really made me nuts. I had dreams of them coming to life and grabbing me. Yuck freaks me out even thinking about it now.

2.I pride myself on carrying the smallest purse possible. Even with two kids I am happy if I can carry a purse the size of a postage stamp and somehow manage to fit diapers wipes and all the ends and ends needed into it. I have had many purse explode due to my need for bittiness.

3. I eat these 100 calorie cookie packs each night. I love the Lorna Dunes. When I am done they get stuck in my teeth. I know this is gross but I pick them out of my teeth and it makes my husband crazy. Knowing that it makes him crazy give me some sort of perverse pleasure and makes the cookies twice as good.

4. I cannot roller skate. When I was a kid my dad insisted I learn as he thought this was a required skill of adulthood. I never figured out how to do it and I always hated it. Now when I see people roller blade I just wanna push them over.

5. Sometimes when I am on the subway I think about licking the pole where all the people put their hands. I don't do it obviously but I think about it. Not sure why. I am very glad we humans have a certain amount of impulse control otherwise I am sure I would be very ill.

6. I stopped taking math in tenth grade. I was told by my teachers that girls wouldn't need it and we should make room for the boys to take math. Although it was a horribly sexist thing to say and I am appalled I hated math and never needed much of in my life. I guess if I ever have to work my way out of a circle and need to measure the radius's or something Ill be sorry.

7. I was once bitten by a scorpion. I was out kayaking in Utah and it crawled into my hat. I put the hat on my head and developed a searing headache and fever. Later in the day when I took it off I found the dead little guy. It makes me feel macho whenever I tell the story.

Wow! I did it. I am very excited I feel I've gone through some right of passage. I tremble when I think of bistowing this honor upon another. Who shall it be? Hmm ok here goes.



And Then There Were Two


Escape From Brooklyn

I've Changed My Name to Mommy


Please dont hate me!


And while were at it I've Changed my Name to Mommy
wants us to do an Opera giveaway post so here goes I would give 10,000 to :

Samaritans suicide hotline for new phones and new desks
Saint Jude's for new toys and computers for he kids cause those commercials always make me cry
To cuz to give to the kids in hospice in Zambia for medicine and toys
To a friend of mine so she could buy a house and disappear from her nasty mean husband's life
To the thing that buys maxi pads for girls in Africa so they can go to school
To the Lighthouse to give the visually impaired access to via voice and voice recognitionsprograms so they can use computers more easily
I would buy computers and toys for Ronald McDonald House for sick kids and their families
New shoes for all the kids in New York 3 different NYC homeless shelters

Friday, March 28, 2008

Feel Free To Hum Along

By now the traveling minstrels must have come to your glen and told of the brave Lady Suzie who battled the great Education Conference. If not this is the song they have sung:

(Please feel free to make up your own medievel tune)

Brave Lady Suzie, hurrah hurrah, Brave Lady Suzie hurrah!

A song must be sung for the Brave Lady Suzie, The Brave Lady Suzie hurrah!

A battle so great has never been seen that the brave lady Suzie did fight

She shrunk not in fear when the laptop connections did not work for the power point overhead projectors.

She shrunk not in fear when the speaker order was changed and she had to go first to the podium proudly she walked.

Nay did she offer anyone juice, nor did she nurse fussy strangers from her bosom.

Brave Lady Suzie, hurrah hurrah, Brave Lady Suzie hurrah!

She battled great adversity, fighting fatigue, lack of caffeine, and a stiff neck

And yet the great and beautiful Lady Suzie gave a speech that shall be sung of in the fields, towns and castles great

Brave Lady Suzie, hurrah hurrah, Brave Lady Suzie hurrah!

Yes she battled the great conference and won
and then ate pizza

Thursday, March 27, 2008

No No Rules

Today is my big presentation at the conference. I got so worked up about it I now have a blocked milk duct and I have managed to pull most of the muscles in my back and neck so I can only turn by swiveling my whole body. Obviously I am very worried so I have created a list of no no's so maybe I can move my neck a little and stop panicking.

No No Rules for the Big Conference:

  • Do not ask anyone if they need to go potty before we start
  • Under no circumstances wipe any ones nose even if they really, really need it
  • Do not sing any type of song consisting of a spiders assent to a water spout to get the peoples attention
  • Do not threaten people who talk with a time out or withholding of apple juice
  • Do not sniff any conference goers and ask if they needs a diaper change
  • The #1 Rule: Do not nurse anyone even if they are fussy

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

This is my first Wordless Wednesday but since I could never keep quiet this is as good as it's going to get:

My Crush in High School:My Crush Now:What I used to think about in high school:What I think about now:My boobs before breast feeding:My boobs after breast feeding:
Me Now:
Me then:
What makes it all worth it:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Girlz, Girlz, Girlz and A Little Lego Man

I went to the conference yesterday to present one of my papers. Its been years since I've gone to one of these things. And apparently during that time I have gotten much less mature than I was in the past and my intelligence has sunk at least 60 IQ points.

I mean I can throw around big words like pedagogy and qualitative methods too but after awhile I stop understanding what they mean. My tired mommy brain no longer functions. I have to keep my mouth shut lest I start saying things like I would love a slice of pedagogy or you and your qualitative methods need stop talking and pick up after yourselves.

And when the woman before me started reading her paper the most boring, slow and endless way possible I found myself bouncing around like a three year old hanging off of the chair singing to myself and playing with a little Lego man I found in my pocket. Its awfully embarrassing.

Thank goodness I only have to hold it together for one more talk which is the big one. I think for that one I will leave my little Lego man at home.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bigfoot Discovered at Local Supermarket

I went to see my parents this weekend in Philadelphia. It was nice to get away although S was not convinced and slept for only one hour on Friday night. Hubby was supposed to join me on Saturday morning with our suitcase but he never made it up do to an illness in the family.

So on Saturday we ended up going to Target (very classy I know)looking for some clothes for my big presentation this week and a few little things to get us through the weekend. I wore the same clothes I wore on the train and was covered in juice and spit up. I didn't even bother putting on make up or even brushing my hair I was so exhausted. I strapped S to me in the carrier and wandered around l I was in the plus size section looking at huge shirts when I noticed a person staring at me. She walked over and said "Didn't we go to high school together?"

There she was Christine Keller the belle of our high school still a size four, 6 months pregnant now but still perfect. She hadn't aged since 1987. And I the wild women of Manhattan stood before her holding a screaming infant, disheveled a size 18w in hand dark circles under my eyes probably looking 40 years older. We looked like a before and after add. We talked for a minute but I could see the fear in her eyes and the denial. "No" she thought "That could never be me." She excused herself politely and ran to the sports equipment section.

If there is any Justice in the world she'll gain 60 pounds in the next 3 months.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Big Cash Giveaway or Make Your Own Chia Pet

Last night I went out with a friend of mine. It was a real rarity. She has a little girl and has as little time as I do to go out and play. After weeks of planning we finally set a day and went out. I go the kids all ready for bed the baby was nursed the boy washed and fed. She came over and out we went. As we left my husband looked around in fear. They type of fear one can only feel when they are left alone with two tired and moderately cranky kids. But I thought hey I do this all the time. I'll just be gone for a little while. My friend and I sat down I ordered a martini and a salad I had barely taken a sip when I heard the happy little chirp of a text message being delivered. It simply said "COME HOME".

I began to hyperventilate something happened to the kids. B is sick again. S rolled off the bed. Horrible images began to fill my mind. I picked up the phone and called home.

My husband picked up, "I'm sick. I threw up." Now my husband is not three nor is he helpless but he claimed he was so sick if S were to cry he couldn't help her.

Ok... so... I paid my bill and as we waited for change we began to talk about the mysterious illnesses that plague men. My husband was always sicker than me when I had morning sickness. I would end up holding his hair back while he puked even though I was racked with nausea. He was sick when B was so sick I didn't sleep for a week straight taking care of them both. My friend began to see a similar trend in her hubby too. These are both really good guys, caring parents, great husbands and maybe just maybe they have found the way to truly be happy. Get sick so you cant help out too much at the perfect time.

Good ploy good ploy.

Happy Purim!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I know I should do Wordless Wednesday but after the big apartment disappointment I felt that my blogging time would be put to better use composing a poem to express my feelings. As I am never one to keep my emotions bottled up I have composed this ode to the apartment that got away.

Twas on a dark March night
my heart broke with fright
when the apartment next door
was sold like an old, sad, whore
you empty apartment next to us
old decrepit without fuss
I felt you could complete me
you never would leave me
but a stupid, rich, nasty, evil, rotten, loud talking, little teenage boy
thought you'd make a nice toy
he snatched you from me
waved his hands and said hee hee hee hee
so my dreams are all dashed
my heart tires are slashed

But have no fear
one day we will move from here
to Queens or Brooklyn we will go
for a new love will grow
we will look for a yard
and a bar that aint fard
and that house may be waiting
the price may be baiting

So I spit on you #1G
I take back my love from yee
and look to the future
and my heart has been souchered
So there!

Here's my wordless Wednesday thought:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Brittany Spears Shaves Llama! News At 10!

I am supposed to be giving this talk at a conference on education the last week in March. Its a big deal and I am very proud to have been accepted blah blah blah but now that the talk date is coming around I am starting to get very nervous. These days I find it hard to form a sentence let alone a hypothesis ( I misspelled this word three times). What if I find myself singing a song to settle all the conference people down for my talk? What if I start asking people if they need to go potty before I start? I don't think I remember how to talk to grown ups anymore. I mean when I do it at work we are discussing the potty and other such topics its not a far stretch but to talk about how terrorism and acts of war effect Daycare Centers (Yes I know its a horribly depressing subject) forget it. I can't even remember the paper I wrote.

Still no word about the apartment. I guess I have to put my faith in the universe and hope whatever happens its all for the best. Maybe if we don't get it we will think about leaving the city move to a different borough and look for a place with a backyard. I would love a backyard. I could open the door and say "GO OUTSIDE ALREADY! YOU KIDS ARE DRIVING ME NUTS!" and they would go. I guess I am trying to come to grip with the idea we may not get the place. I think its just not a good idea to empty out all our savings to get it. I know it will be o.k. if we don't but ARGHHHHH!!!!!

Apartment Update 3:45pm: After making our bid for his full insane asking price he does not take either of our bids (ours or the rotten teenager) instead he pulls it off the market and resubmits it for $35,000 dollars more. I don't know if that is legal but I know that is not ethical. So we are out of the running, fini, done, over the fat lady has sung.


Monday, March 17, 2008

SHOW US YOUR BOOBZ!!!" or "EXCLUSIVE interview with love child of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

For the last 6 years we have been trying to buy the apartment next door to us. Presently all four of us live in 1000 square feet with one potty. While this is much better than a lot of people in Manhattan the whole situation feels a little tight.

When I was a kid I thought if I ever had kids I would have a house. The kids would run downstairs in the morning and eat sugary cereal while watching smellovision while my filthy rich and totally hunky husband would snuggles close upstairs. We would warm up the hover car and sail off into sky for a picnic on Mars. Instead Manhattan real estate has created our reality of having to sit in the dark until the kids are asleep for fear of waking them and waiting for long periods of time for a chance to use the potty.

We have it better than most. I know lots of people who share 600 square feet for a family of five. My friend sleeps in the same bed with her 10 year old son a boa constrictor, two gerbils, one goldfish and cat. We are truly blessed but I REALLY WANT THAT APARTMENT NEXT DOOR.

So for the last 6 years we've been trying to convince this guy to sell. Finally he agrees to but at this insane price. I mean you could get a mansion for this price anywhere else. The place is small and run down but it would be heaven for us. We scrape together just enough money when some dipstick comes a long and bids for it. Now we are faced with sinking everything into this apartment I mean every scrap of savings we have or losing it to some rich teenager.

I have no idea what to do. I want it. I mean really want it. But what if Manhattan is blown into the sea or aliens from Venus take over Manhattan and every sent is tied up in this place? We would be penniless. My dream besides the hover car and smellovision (I do have the hunky husband) is to leave this rotten city and live somewhere where people are nice and we could have a house. However my hunky husband does not share my dream. So what to do? Whatever is gonna happen its gonna happen this week. Is it bad to hope this teenager is taken to Venus or is blown into the sea? Cause I do!

By the way thanks for the advice on getting more comments I love the title.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Party Good and Bad

Commence mushy and emotional blogging:

I just realized today is the last day of the Blog Party. I was so great to read some many different blogs a lot of them I'm sure I'll be regular readers of. It was also so great to get so many comments. Sometimes I feel like I am blogging to myself and while that's fine, I did it when I journaled, but it is so great to be sharing this with other people.

This whole motherhood thing while wonderful and fulfilling can be really overwhelming and isolating. I used to go out with my friends all the time and now I'm lucky if I get out once a month for an hour. Blogging and hearing from people makes me feel like I have a social network again and I'm not so alone. Thanks for your comments (from all of you not just the party gals) and letting me share this with you guys.

O.k. I'm done being mushy commence with the sarcasm and wit.

Here goes.

Blogging and the party also had an evil side for me. Its spoiled me. Made me greedy. I kept hoping that the 21 or 22 comments I got during the party would continue. I was sad when it did not. Then I got angry. I mean hey I'm funny I'm quirky why don't I have 53 comments.

I have a dark blogging secret. Sometimes I check several times a day to see if I have comments. I look at the blog rolls of pages I frequent and try to find my blog listed. I get all upset when I don't see it. I look at the number of comments other people have and I am jealous.

I feel like I'm the blogging black sheep. Am I smelly? Why no comments? The party spoiled it all for me. Now I want more... more... commence evil laughter!

Fat fat fat Strikes Again

I think my scale is a liar. I stepped on it today and I gained 3 pounds. How is that possible? I weigh every morsel of food that I put in my mouth. I eat steamed brown rice and vegetables, tofu and carrot sticks. I can't recall the last time I ate something with taste.

Did my dream of eating an entire pizza smothered in cheese and peperoni do it? Can you gain weight from dream eating? If so that's just not fair.

I think my scale is plotting against me. It is trying to get me so frustrated I eat that pizza or a big sandwich topped off with a runny egg. God I am hungry! I hate that scale. I really do.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I couldn't take it anymore. I am at work. I have no idea how stay at home Moms can take it. I am so awed by their strength. Me I am a wooss. I love my children I really do but after more than 48 hours with no sleep and covered in snot work seems so wonderful calm and clean (keep in mind I work with children including my own so I am obviously delirious).

B's eye is drippy and gross but no longer contagious. He slept in my bed for a few hours last night which is not at all restful as he talks endlessly even when sleeping. I vaguely recall having a conversation with him last night and I have no idea what I said which makes me nervous.

I feel so free and happy here at work. My black jacket is still black and has no little snot marks on it. I have used the bathroom, alone, with no one shouting at me for milk while I go. I ate something without interruption or having to stop to do something gross for someone like wipe a butt. I secretly feel I should pay them for being here but thank god I don't have to do that.

Hurray for work!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bad Night

Such a bad night last night. B spiked a fever of 102.9. He was hot and scared and miserable. He slept in my bed (later the couch)curled at my feet and nearly rolled off the bed at 12am. He woke up with pink eye and a fever.

What really makes this great is that they are doing construction upstairs and will be pounding away all day so no one can nap. I cant go to work and I'm not sure if staying here is such a great idea either as it sounds like the ceiling is going to fall in I'm at a loss.

Ahhh motherhood...I have a feeling today is gonna be a real interesting one. Any ideas let me know I'm all ears.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why I look so tired

4:09am- Splunk splunk whirl click click (The bouncy seat has run out of juice . The vibration stops.)

S- 4:15am- -
Da da da? Da dada? DA DA DA? DA DA DA DA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!

S- 4:17am

S- 4:20am DADADADADDADADDADA!!!!!!!!!!

Me- 4:21am Oh My God What? (I'm such and understanding mom at 4am)

s- Gurgle smile foot tap

Me- Smiles puts pacifier in mouth closes eyes. Hmmmm...sleep

S- 4:24am Da da waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Me- (I nurse)

S- 4:34am- snore snuffel

Me-4:45am- I quietly put her down. Hmmmm sleep...

S- 5:06am- Faaaaart! Splat!

Me- Oh no

S- splat faaart! Waaaaaaa!

Me- Changes diapers. Does not wash hands. Lays down with dirty diaper by head. Hmmm sleep.......

S- 5:11am
S- 4:15am- -Da da da? Da dada? DA DA DA? DA DA DA DA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!

S- 5:12am

Me- Briefly toying with the idea of getting up finding batteries finding screw driver fixing chair. Hmmm sleep....

S- 5:13am DADADADADDADADDADA!!!!!!!!!!

5:14am Up with baby watching infomercial for vacuum that can suck up nails and pet dander

6am- S finally asleep B gets up time to get ready for work. Weeee!!!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Here is the long awaited video of S rolling over. I know it looks like B may have shoved her over but its not so. She did it I swear although she may have been doing it to get away from him smart baby.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Party Blog

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

Hi ok here I am introducing myself for this blog party thing. I've made a few appetizers some pigs in blankets and the like. Can I get anyone a drink?

Since I don't know you I cant do the miss manner thing. I was told always introduce someone by pointing out the things they have in common so they have a place to start a conversation. For example Jane this is Steve I think you both have an impressive collection of rolled twine or Tony this is Alma you both have far too many cats. Since I don't really know you I think I can introduce you by saying, Hello Party goer you blog I blog discuss.

Starting form my sparkling introduction I will talk about me. I blog as you know. I tend to blog about my life dull as it may be these days. I used to be a wild party girl out till 4 always having fun and up for anything. Now I am a thirtyish gal with two kids. I run a preschool and I am very very tired. I don't know how to drive which is good because if I did I think I would go for a long long drive change my name my hair just kidding(I think). I am trying to loose the baby weight keep house raise kids go to work get my brain to work and all on decaf.

I have little girl named S she's 5 months and little boy B who is 3 and very sweet although he does spend a tremendous amount of time trying to kill his sister.

I believe in soaking food in ketchup and very dry martinis. I'm obsessed with Soprtacus on Lazy Town I love him I cant help it!

I would also love a full nights sleep and would love to give up my horrible dog. There I said it!

Enjoy the party girls. Now mingle


So Saturday night I was nursing S around 1am I looked down for one minute and when I looked up again the cable box read 2am. I was so freaked out. I didn't know if I had fallen asleep without knowing it or had had a time loss due to alien abduction or what. I spent the next hour worrying about how if I fell asleep I could have endangered S by dropping her. After getting up every few hours I woke up and looked at the clock and noticed it was 7:35am. I was so impressed. I praised B telling him what a good boy his was for letting Mommy sleep so late. I couldn't however shake the feeling that something was amiss. I called a friend of mine surprised how groggy she sounds for 8am and was informed it was daylight savings time. Ah ha. Boy you miss a lot when you are just trying to keep your eyes open.

Hubby was sick all weekend so I was on duty all weekend. I was so desperate I took B and S to the park in the rain as (of course) swim class was cancelled. We did lunch at McDonalds dinner at Boston Market. I just kept those kids going until we all dropped. Of course all the crap I fed B resulted in bouts of diarrhea in public bathrooms which is so very very nasty.

No matter how I tried to tire that B out he still found time to throw rocks and batteries at S.

S hit a major milestone this weekend she rolled over stay tuned this week for video of the momentous event.

Friday, March 7, 2008

For Shame!

I do not usually complain about my husband on my blog but I must today. Let me start this by saying my hubby is a wonderful supportive man who is very sexy and fun and a great husband but today I gotta vent.

Our sleeping arrangements are sad. My husband snores. I mean really snores. The type of snore that wakes up people in other rooms even on different floors from him. In fact he has woken up the baby from the other room with the door closed. It is the type of snore the military could harness and use for standoff situations like Wacko Texas. We have tried snore strips, sprays humidifiers the works. I have even tried complaining endlessly about it but that too seems to have no effect on his super sonic snore.

Due to this problem I sleep on the couch. We sort of do it in shifts. Hubby stays in the living room on the couch until around 2am and I sleep on the bed getting up frequently to nurse. Lately I have realized the folly of this as 2am usually falls in the middle of feedings while S is still asleep so I have asked Hubby to just stay on the couch until she gets up again or I take the couch after her first feeding. I know its all rather complicated by suffice it to say I have worked it out so if possible I don't have to get up every two hours for no reason.

Well last night at 2am after having just gotten up an hour before for a nursing Hubby wakes me up for no reason at all. He was sick and he wanted the bed. He could have turned on the baby monitor. He could have slept on the couch himself. He could have had some sympathy for a woman who has been continuously tortured by lack of sleep. But no. Nope he woke me up right in the middle of the longest stretch of sleep I can have. I was so mad I wanted to just march back in the bedroom and wake him up every two hours. I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. I wanted to complain endlessly. I wanted to shame him on my blog (no I would never do that) I wanted to.. I don't know but it was bad. Instead I lay on the couch seething and fell back asleep just in time for Sophie to wake me up again.

Sportacus would never wake me up at 2am!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tell Me Why

I was reading the blog Because I Said So and she pointed out some facts of children's programing that I must agree with after hours and hours of watching Noggin I too am plagued with the following questions:

Where the Hell are Max and Ruby's Parents? Is Ruby the worlds first 7 year old mother or are her parents drug addicts or felons who are just not present if so why doesn't her kindly grandma move in and help take care of them?

How old is Stephanie supposed to be on Lazy Town? I read her bio and she is really 16. And does she have something going with the very sexy Sportacus? I'm sorry but I just love that guy. I was completely obsessed with him last year but this year I plan to be more level headed.
Ok look at him you know he' sexy OK I love him what can I do?
Anyway.... (I'm so ashamed)

The question we all want to know what is Uniqua? B says she is a cow but it just doesn't sit right with me.

I think I used to be quite a reflective, deep, woman now...well what can I say?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bed Please

I've been up since 4:17am. I feel stupid sluggish and on the verge of tears. I think I've been like this for weeks, actually probably months. Even when I was pregnant I was up every few hours to pee. The sleep deprivation is really starting to get to me. I find myself talking to people who are not there sending the same email over and over again. the same email over and over again I just want a large juicy hamburger and a big highly caffeinated coffee neither of which I can have. Its a good thing babies are so darn cute or we would never survive as a species.

Update: In a desperate attempt to stay awake I went to Starbucks. As I'm waiting for my idiotic drink a crazy man bursts out of the bathroom yelling "Who was knocking on the door?" He starts screaming and jumping up and down and screaming about privacy and in true New York fashion no one noticed him. I felt a little bad cause he was trying to be intimidating but no one even looked twice. Sometimes I love New York. I think were all one step away from freaking out in a Starbucks and thus are not interested in other peoples rants.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Wonders of the Day

I started the day again at 4:45am. S apparently had a monologue she had thought up during the full 2 hours of rest she had during the night and she just had to practice it at top volume. This was followed by a biting and nursing session during which my shrieks woke up B.

B began with his early morning session of whining which consisted of saying "I wanna wear my slippers to school." over and over again.

I went to the bed room to get some socks and could barely hear my hubby whisper my name over the screaming from the living room. I approached the bed and was told in a very small yet very whiny slow voice (we can see where B gets it from ) that he is sick and at deaths door. (I am sure there will be lots of soup runs today. Lucky me.)

Armed with this fun information I got to work and was immediately puked on by a small child followed by another biting and whining session by my two little ones.

So far so good I cant wait to see what delights the rest of the day may bring.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Bad Cabs

This weekend a cab driver tried to run over my little B. My hubby was trying to pull the stroller away from the speeding cab and since B wasn't strapped in he fell into the street. The cab barreled towards him and thanks to the fast moving of my hubby he scoped him off the street just in time. I was on the phone with hubby at the time and all I heard was a beeping car and B crying. I was so scared I barley contained the tears when they came home. I just cant imagine life without my little B. I imagined my hubby and B in the hospital hooked up to machines. Its was so awful. We spoiled B all weekend he got mac and cheese from Boston Market and lots of books from the book store. He loved it and we just loved being bale to loved him.

Hey why no comments? I feel abandoned alone....sniff..ok at least take me out to dinner...

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