Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Wonders of the Day

I started the day again at 4:45am. S apparently had a monologue she had thought up during the full 2 hours of rest she had during the night and she just had to practice it at top volume. This was followed by a biting and nursing session during which my shrieks woke up B.

B began with his early morning session of whining which consisted of saying "I wanna wear my slippers to school." over and over again.

I went to the bed room to get some socks and could barely hear my hubby whisper my name over the screaming from the living room. I approached the bed and was told in a very small yet very whiny slow voice (we can see where B gets it from ) that he is sick and at deaths door. (I am sure there will be lots of soup runs today. Lucky me.)

Armed with this fun information I got to work and was immediately puked on by a small child followed by another biting and whining session by my two little ones.

So far so good I cant wait to see what delights the rest of the day may bring.


Gerbil said...

oh gravy. that sounds like its gearing to be one of those Calgon Take Me Away days. hoping the dh feels better...

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