Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Girlz, Girlz, Girlz and A Little Lego Man

I went to the conference yesterday to present one of my papers. Its been years since I've gone to one of these things. And apparently during that time I have gotten much less mature than I was in the past and my intelligence has sunk at least 60 IQ points.

I mean I can throw around big words like pedagogy and qualitative methods too but after awhile I stop understanding what they mean. My tired mommy brain no longer functions. I have to keep my mouth shut lest I start saying things like I would love a slice of pedagogy or you and your qualitative methods need stop talking and pick up after yourselves.

And when the woman before me started reading her paper the most boring, slow and endless way possible I found myself bouncing around like a three year old hanging off of the chair singing to myself and playing with a little Lego man I found in my pocket. Its awfully embarrassing.

Thank goodness I only have to hold it together for one more talk which is the big one. I think for that one I will leave my little Lego man at home.


Person(Also Known As Mommy) said...

I hear ya. I now talk in "mommy-ese". I tell grown strangers to "be careful" (in that voice-you know the one).

It's the sign of Mom.

postacademic said...

Yeah, and I know what you mean about the conference paper after a time away from academics. Or rather, I will in a couple months, when I go deliver my first conference paper in three years.

Can I borrow your lego man?

troubled teen said...

the lego man saves you in that boring conversation

Gerbil said...

lego dudes are like the mommy version of worry dolls.

HRH said...

This made me laugh. I really think a lego man in your pocket is a really good idea. I am adding that to my list of essentials.

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