Friday, March 7, 2008

For Shame!

I do not usually complain about my husband on my blog but I must today. Let me start this by saying my hubby is a wonderful supportive man who is very sexy and fun and a great husband but today I gotta vent.

Our sleeping arrangements are sad. My husband snores. I mean really snores. The type of snore that wakes up people in other rooms even on different floors from him. In fact he has woken up the baby from the other room with the door closed. It is the type of snore the military could harness and use for standoff situations like Wacko Texas. We have tried snore strips, sprays humidifiers the works. I have even tried complaining endlessly about it but that too seems to have no effect on his super sonic snore.

Due to this problem I sleep on the couch. We sort of do it in shifts. Hubby stays in the living room on the couch until around 2am and I sleep on the bed getting up frequently to nurse. Lately I have realized the folly of this as 2am usually falls in the middle of feedings while S is still asleep so I have asked Hubby to just stay on the couch until she gets up again or I take the couch after her first feeding. I know its all rather complicated by suffice it to say I have worked it out so if possible I don't have to get up every two hours for no reason.

Well last night at 2am after having just gotten up an hour before for a nursing Hubby wakes me up for no reason at all. He was sick and he wanted the bed. He could have turned on the baby monitor. He could have slept on the couch himself. He could have had some sympathy for a woman who has been continuously tortured by lack of sleep. But no. Nope he woke me up right in the middle of the longest stretch of sleep I can have. I was so mad I wanted to just march back in the bedroom and wake him up every two hours. I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. I wanted to complain endlessly. I wanted to shame him on my blog (no I would never do that) I wanted to.. I don't know but it was bad. Instead I lay on the couch seething and fell back asleep just in time for Sophie to wake me up again.

Sportacus would never wake me up at 2am!


Michele said...

Ugh, how maddening!
Maybe it is time for him to visit a sleep clinic?

postacademic said...

My second night sleeping over at the Canadian Book Artist's house (a boy from a couple of years ago), he presented me with a Breathe-Rite strip and insisted I wear it. Talk about humiliating.

Sleep clinic might help - there are masks and oxygen pipes for sleep apnea (which he probably has). But maybe you deserve 8 hours rest at the sleep clinic instead!!

Suzie said...

He has gone to the clinic. He has to go back. But I think you're right I should go to the clinic thats the only way I'll ever get any sleep.

Gerbil said...


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