Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bad Night

Such a bad night last night. B spiked a fever of 102.9. He was hot and scared and miserable. He slept in my bed (later the couch)curled at my feet and nearly rolled off the bed at 12am. He woke up with pink eye and a fever.

What really makes this great is that they are doing construction upstairs and will be pounding away all day so no one can nap. I cant go to work and I'm not sure if staying here is such a great idea either as it sounds like the ceiling is going to fall in I'm at a loss.

Ahhh motherhood...I have a feeling today is gonna be a real interesting one. Any ideas let me know I'm all ears.


Michele said...

can you check into a hotel for a day?
Extravagant maybe, but a treat you all might need. good luck, I hope he feels better soon.

forgetfulone said...

It gets better! Well... Okay-it gets better. So sorry you're having a bad day. Poor little one with pink eye and fever! Poor mom! When things settle down a bit, get a sitter and treat yourself to something - shopping, a manicure or pedicure - just something.

Gerbil said...

oh no, poor little guy. well, if he likes baths, they're my fallback when J is feverish. and popsicles. i used to keep a couple of things that were reserved for 'sick' days to play with...

Anonymous said...

Good greif Cuz,
Go upstairs and use the drill and hammer yourself! You will feel miles better.
Actually think hotel and large martini are in order. And the bath and popsicle. B can have one too.
T xx

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