Monday, June 7, 2010

Where have all the cribs gone

Since we've gotten rid of the crib its like a free for all in my house. You think its quiet. You think you can finally sit down have a little drink, watch TV when you hear it. At first you think its the neighbors. Maybe a little mouse. But no its worse its the distinctive sound of little feet. It's (gasp) my kids!!! Its like now that the crib is gone the cage has been opened and the animals at the zoo are running free.

My son is stealthy little a little ninja. One time I went into the bathroom and closed the door before seeing him flush against the wall. Silently watching me. Sometimes at night I have the horrible feeling like something is watching me. I look up and there he is. Black rimmed eyes like the boy in the grudge staring at me. Waiting to ask me if Michael Jackson had ever gone to the moon to learn to moon walk or why fish never blink when they clearly have water in their eyes. Its eerie and frightening.

My daughter is less stealthy. She's like the Godfather in pigtails demanding goldfish and strawberry milk. She wanders the halls bumping into things and humming the Wonder pets theme song.

Its getting so I can never trust a moments peace I know that at any minute my children may enter. I may never be able to watch a show that is not rated G again -just-in-case. Why cant they make a crib with the bars on the top so her mommy can have a little drink in peace. Is that so wrong...

Friday, June 4, 2010

And Here It Is

Wow. Today by mistake I stumbled across my blog. Its been so long since I've seen it. Its not like I haven't thought about it. I do all the time. I write entries in my head while Im laying in bed or while Im bathing the kids or changing a diaper. I even wanted to post the picture of Little S's first poop here for wordless Wednesday but somehow it never happened. Between work and the kids I barely have time to brush my teeth. You know the story blah blah blah

I am resisting the urge to go back and read all my entries. I know this parenting thing its been a hard but sweet road and life is never easy but to read it all laid out like this is very strange. Its like reading your old diaries. It always end up with a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach and an empty bottle of wine next to you.

Instead these days I amuse myself with writing a status update on Face book. It seems like all I can manage these days. I post things like Someone Pass the Cheese Wiz and I feel like I said it all. I mean that is profound but there is something about bloging I miss. The feeling of laying it all out there for people to see. To reflect on if I ever get that chance.

Ive got so much to say and so little time to say it. Even now this is a stolen moment I should be working. I should collating something. But it feels good to say hello again. Ive missed this and I hope it wont be months until I come back again to say hi and take a moment to breath.

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