Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Brittany Spears Shaves Llama! News At 10!

I am supposed to be giving this talk at a conference on education the last week in March. Its a big deal and I am very proud to have been accepted blah blah blah but now that the talk date is coming around I am starting to get very nervous. These days I find it hard to form a sentence let alone a hypothesis ( I misspelled this word three times). What if I find myself singing a song to settle all the conference people down for my talk? What if I start asking people if they need to go potty before I start? I don't think I remember how to talk to grown ups anymore. I mean when I do it at work we are discussing the potty and other such topics its not a far stretch but to talk about how terrorism and acts of war effect Daycare Centers (Yes I know its a horribly depressing subject) forget it. I can't even remember the paper I wrote.

Still no word about the apartment. I guess I have to put my faith in the universe and hope whatever happens its all for the best. Maybe if we don't get it we will think about leaving the city move to a different borough and look for a place with a backyard. I would love a backyard. I could open the door and say "GO OUTSIDE ALREADY! YOU KIDS ARE DRIVING ME NUTS!" and they would go. I guess I am trying to come to grip with the idea we may not get the place. I think its just not a good idea to empty out all our savings to get it. I know it will be o.k. if we don't but ARGHHHHH!!!!!

Apartment Update 3:45pm: After making our bid for his full insane asking price he does not take either of our bids (ours or the rotten teenager) instead he pulls it off the market and resubmits it for $35,000 dollars more. I don't know if that is legal but I know that is not ethical. So we are out of the running, fini, done, over the fat lady has sung.



We are THAT family said...

I'm with you on talking to adults. Some days, the only adults I talk to are on the other end of the Chick Fil A speaker in the drive thru. People start honking after awhile. That's when I MISS working outside the home.

postacademic said...

Sheeoot. Maybe it's for the best - i.e. the apartment. Maybe this will help you on your quest to move to the sixth borough. Maybe. Not that it helps tonight (but maybe a nice disappointment martini would?)

slow panic said...

when my oldest was about four or five i was at lunch with my boss and was chatting away when i realized i had cut all my food into little bite size pieces before beginning to eat.......

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