Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I know I should do Wordless Wednesday but after the big apartment disappointment I felt that my blogging time would be put to better use composing a poem to express my feelings. As I am never one to keep my emotions bottled up I have composed this ode to the apartment that got away.

Twas on a dark March night
my heart broke with fright
when the apartment next door
was sold like an old, sad, whore
you empty apartment next to us
old decrepit without fuss
I felt you could complete me
you never would leave me
but a stupid, rich, nasty, evil, rotten, loud talking, little teenage boy
thought you'd make a nice toy
he snatched you from me
waved his hands and said hee hee hee hee
so my dreams are all dashed
my heart tires are slashed

But have no fear
one day we will move from here
to Queens or Brooklyn we will go
for a new love will grow
we will look for a yard
and a bar that aint fard
and that house may be waiting
the price may be baiting

So I spit on you #1G
I take back my love from yee
and look to the future
and my heart has been souchered
So there!

Here's my wordless Wednesday thought:


HRH said...

So sad, but your angst made a good poem...

"my heart tires are slashed" is genius and will be in my brain from now on.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing me. So sorry about the apartment.

We are THAT family said...

Maybe you should just knock the wall down and start moving your stuff in. I think it's called Squater's Rights and it holds up in most courts of law!

Gerbil said...

i am trying very hard not to giggle but that poem was awesome. comparing the apartment to an old whore made me snort!

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