Monday, March 3, 2008

Bad Cabs

This weekend a cab driver tried to run over my little B. My hubby was trying to pull the stroller away from the speeding cab and since B wasn't strapped in he fell into the street. The cab barreled towards him and thanks to the fast moving of my hubby he scoped him off the street just in time. I was on the phone with hubby at the time and all I heard was a beeping car and B crying. I was so scared I barley contained the tears when they came home. I just cant imagine life without my little B. I imagined my hubby and B in the hospital hooked up to machines. Its was so awful. We spoiled B all weekend he got mac and cheese from Boston Market and lots of books from the book store. He loved it and we just loved being bale to loved him.

Hey why no comments? I feel abandoned alone....sniff..ok at least take me out to dinner...


Anonymous said...

Whadya mean no comments eh?? I was just getting around to it. Bloody sodding cabbies. I hope he runs out of fuel, is accused of stealing and fired.
I love the photo of the slide. brilliant!
more mac and cheese (whatever Mac is) is what i say! Love to Dangerous B and Super M!
T xx

Gerbil said...

holy hannah, i'd have died of fright. or at least peed my pants. and then kicked that cabdriver's sorry excuse for a tush clear out to white plains and back., and made him sorry he rolled out of bed in the morning. gah. i hope b forgot about it quickly.

Suzie said...

For all you Brits and other crazy foreigners out there here is the Yank translator: Mac = macaroni.

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