Friday, February 29, 2008

My Little Jackson Pollack

I think its amazing how B always gives me enough material to be able to write about him almost every day but he does. I guess he is a talented three year old. In fact this morning when I got to work he and his friend who is the daughter of a teacher at my school were playing in one of the classrooms while his mother and I sat and talked and took care of S and a few other babies. Suddenly it got quiet (always a bad sign) when we went in the classroom both children were in smocks and were painting the jungle gym. They in fact painted the whole slide. What I think is amazing besides the fact that we are both such neglectful parents is that they decided to at least wear smocks while they did it. You can see in the photo B is very very guilty and looks ready to cry while his partner in crime is quite proud of her accomplishments.


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