Friday, February 8, 2008

In the Last 48 Hours

This is a picture of the tumor on the nerve in my foot. It is not cancerous and it has not occurred because I am fat! So take that nasty Doctor man! I have to wear this painful bone separator for a few days and see if I can take a cortisone shot while I am nursing if that does not work.

In the last 48 hours I have heard that I am dying and that I have a tumor in my foot. Not a stellar week. I think at this point I should dress myself in a Teflon suit and prepare myself for the worst.

I have this They Might be Giants kids song called Never Go to Work going over and over in my head. All night when I tried to sleep I kept singing it. Perhaps this is also signaling my demise. I hope this weekend will have no nasty surprises in store for me.


Anonymous said...

Holy poop my dearest Cuz,
I am so sorry!! Of cours I shall try and call tomorrow and of course shall get you just when you are elbow deep in chicken nuggets and nappies or deeply trying to snooze.
How can you have a your foot????? That is so surreal! You must feel like you have been nailed...a bit of a heel...a little souless (these on behalf of my Dad) Oh hell I am sorry. Damn that doctor.

rockmama said...

Obviously, doctors have to tell you what they think is best, but GEEEZ, they don't really need to nail it to your forehead, do they? I have also had a doctor recently tell me that most of my problems are due to my weight, so I know exactly how you feel! Glad you hear that the thing on your foot isn't anything dangerous!

Suzie said...

Glad to see you have a sense of tumor.

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