Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pee Pee Hell- Tales From the Potty

Last night B tells me he has to go potty. I am busy nursing S so I tell him to go ahead without me. It gets really quiet. Too quiet. I finish nursing S put her down and walk into the bathroom. There is B climbing a step ladder with his pants around his ankles trying to pee on the wall. I try to pick him up and move him but it is too late. B begins to pee all over me the walls and toilet everything in the bathroom. I yell to him aim please aim! But he doesn't. I try to aim for him but it doesn't work and the steady stream of pee is relentless. I keep thinking God how much does this child drink during he day? I walk out of the bathroom covered from head to toe. B is covered and there is no place in the bathroom that is not dripping wet. Ain't potty training great.

On the dating front my daughter at 4 months old seems to have started a relationship with another baby. She's already rebelling the boy is not Jewish.


Gerbil said...

oh the trials and tribulations of having a boychild practicing in the bathroom.... my older son could never quite grasp that boys don't stop once they start peeing, and kept turning around to talk to us. i went through a fortune in clorox....

postacademic said...

Dude, Sophie is a trip. Must be that martini we spilled on her, anointing her in Wasp-y-ness.

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