Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Tales of Fatty Fat Fat

So you can almost guess how the doctor's appointment went:

Maybe if you lost some weight your foot wouldn't hurt so much.

Must not say it....promised hubby..must not

I mean with all of that pressure on your foot who wouldn't have a problem?

I mean look at the guy he's fatter than me..must keep my cool

Well I'll give you a referral to a pediatrist but it should really be to a dietition. I mean really if you lost 10-20-30 pounds your foot will be right as rain.

Am keeping cool can do it. Just a few more minutes.

We may have to put you on crutches to take ALL that extra weight off your foot.

That's it. Stop saying I'm fat!!! Do you think I wanna be this size I just had a baby you rotten man! And look at you! You're no slimderella. Give me that referral you fatty!

And so it goes


MissHell said...

Did you really tell him off again? Serves him right if you did. You crack me up!!

Suzie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suzie said...

I did. I had too. But he is my GP. Now I have told my GYN and my GP they are fat. I guess I have burned most of my medical bridges.

By the way. I deleted my own comment cause I pressed the publish button before I was ready.

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