Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Big Poopy Flood

S woke up this morning at 4am. She apparently had a lot to say about things cause she chatted on until it was time to get up. I'm sure she was discussing my cholesterol. Why not? It seems to be the talk these days. At least S thinks I'm beautiful and not at all fat (as I get to choose the topic of the conversation and meaning of the words I'm going with that interpretation). She in fact thinks I look great and should consider a plus sized modeling career. Good girl S good girl.

When I got to work B excused himself and came running back in with his pants around his ankles screaming his poopy was floating across the classroom. Oh yes major toilet flood and I was the one to solve it BEFORE COFFEE!!!! Oh the inhumanity!

I am pretty distracted not only due to my lack of sleep but due to my horrible phone call yesterday. I really hate that Doc. I hate to use this so much but it must be done. Doc here's to you.


Anonymous said...

Gross on the poop but possibly good practice for when you become supermodel.
I hope your doc adresses YOU as Doctor! It can make a difference to their attitude as they are often very snobby. I make mine call me Highness..but then they do wear white coats and nod a lot when applying handcuffs.....
Cuz xx

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