Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Should Have Seen It Coming

Last night B was determined to throw me over the edge of sanity. All the way home from work he was screaming that he wanted macaroni and cheese from Boston Market. Apparently he would be happy to only eat this for the rest of his life. I however had made pasta which was terribly terribly wrong.

I got him home and the crying and whining continued. B then got it in his head that baby sister had pushed him. I explained she was just a baby and couldn't locate her feet let alone push him. B declared he HATED HER!! After much calming I bribed him to eat his pasta by giving him 3 taco chips. I left the room for two seconds to draw a bath and heard wild happy screeches coming from the baby. When I returned she was completely covered in pasta. B had apparently thrown handfuls on her and she thought it was great. I did not and when I peeled the cold noodles from her body I found that she had broken out in red spots wherever the pasta had touched. B went straight in time out which made me an evil mommy. When I returned B declared he loved Baby Sister and forgave her for the bulling she had wrongly submitted him to.

So it was bath time. B got in first. I bathed him and we talked about the wonders of the universe. Where fish live and if there was a shark in the bathtub. He asked me if boys could have babies and I explained it was just a girl thing but he could be a great Daddy someday . I then bathed the baby. After a little while I took her out and got her all dressed and warm while B finished floating around and playing with a small bucket (how could I have not seen this coming) and within seconds the baby was soaked head to toe. Yup. That'll teach Baby Sister to push him. Baby sister did not like that so much and started to scream. B started to jump up and down and scream. The dog began to bark and I was out of wine.

If stress could help you loose weight I would look like Kate Moss right now.


Anonymous said...

I think a large padded room somewhere in your apartment would be good..even if you had to hang it from the ceiling...the only thing is who would go in it.
How on earth did you run out of wine????
Hang on in there..only about 30 odd years to go. (and only about three before S can give as good as she gets!!!! )
Your cuz is off to Zambia now but will track you online. Am back in 1o days.
T xxxx

Suzie said...

I shall never again make that mistake. I am now having my wine delivered in large truckloads.

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