Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Life In Verse

I am feeling very sorry for myself as of late so I have created this poem to express my pain and general angst (and hunger) but really just to complain.

I'm so blue
What can I do
My weight is high
my cholesterol to the sky
We didn't get the apartment on which we bid
One bathroom with four of us what a way to live
My shoes are ugly
some friends are acting fugly
and I just wanna cry
or eat a big plate of cheese fries
The End

Not so great. Perhaps I could try this as a Limerick:

There once was a girl from New York
Who wanted cheese fries with a fork
She had ugly shoes
and her weight, health, bathroom situation, mean friends and general angst, gave her the blues
so she decided to give in and pork

Even worse. How about as a Haiku:

Cheese fries I love you
I am sad everything sucks
Boo hoo poor poor me

Much better.


postacademic said...

There once was a girl from Manhattan
Who lived with a dog named Mountbatten
She trained him to fetch
Cheese fries and not kvetch
Now she's happy and lounging in satin.

Suzie said...

Ohhh I love it! Thanks Postacademic now get me some fries!

Sarah said...

This is so funny, I can totally relate. This is my first time here, just ssaw your link on MomBlogs. Thanks for the laugh.

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