Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

I Got Flowers!! Yea! ....more later

Yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to get some Valentines Day cards for the kids in B's class. I remember as a kid getting Valentines Day cards and how much fun it was (until you got to the age where some kids got them and others didn't. Then it was no fun.) For a blissful few years hidden in each desk was a few mass produced cartoon character cards professing the virtues of friendship. Even though you knew everyone got one you still felt special and proud.

So with this in mind I bought B Disney Princess cards (he chose them)and a bunch of stickers to decorate them with. We set it all up in the living room and got down to work. I asked him so who do you want to send this one to. "I wanna send it to B" "O.k.? How about this one?" "This one to B" "How about we choose someone else in your class?" "No this one to B" and so it went until a giant temper tantrum erupted. I wonder if the precious memories I have this day night have been a little different on my mom's side as well.

Chocolates for everyone! No have some. They wont get you fat this way.

Oh one last thing I have nominated myself for some blogger award. Yes I did. I'm bad but you can vote for me by going to the nomination button at the side of the page.
No pressure.



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