Monday, February 11, 2008

Germie Babies

I had a good weekend. I finally feel like I am getting myself together. I got a fabulous new hair do. Which I loved because the hairdresser/life coach kept telling me I had such a pretty face (I know they say that to fat girls but I ate it up). I painted my nails and even got some highlights, very fancy. I also went out with an old friend Postacademic this weekend to my local baby friendly bar had a few drinks and talked about what old ladies we have become.

Now I'm back at work where chicken pox is rampant and my little angle blew gas so badly that I had to leave the nursing room lest I succumbed to the fumes. S has now discovered the bouncy seat. She seemed a bit shocked but at least it seems to keep her above the other germie babies.


Michele said...

August has the same exact bouncy seat! Nifty!

Anonymous said...

Wow - she is the cutest baby ever.


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