Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Poor Foot

I went to the foot doctor today and he would not give me a shot in my foot. Instead I must wear big ugly clunker shoes. Not that I was a fashion queen before but I am certainly not one now. I guess its all a part of getting old. Making that long slow trek to the bingo table (actually bingo sounds like fun.) eating the soft pudding (sounds pretty good too) wearing the housecoat of life (mmm.. comfy). OK maybe I'm actually old now or just plain tired. Anyway here is another gratuitous shot of B.


M said...

Please sign me up for bingo, pudding, and a little big of ugly shoeness. I haven't worn heels in, um, a good 3 years now. *sigh* Damn kidfolk making me older and fatter than ever.

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