Monday, February 4, 2008

Miffed and Pissed

I am in a foul mood!

Half the teachers have something better to do than go to work or stay at work and so we are very short staffed. What gets me rilled is its hard on the kids when this happens and as I have two kids who go here so I get really upset. I guess I have an old fashioned kind of work ethic. The kind where you show up and then goof off not the other way around. In fact I barely missed a day of High School except when it was Senior Cut Day and you have to miss that.

I am also miffed because It is my... gulp...20th High School reunion is coming up. I cant go as it will be held on the First Night of Passover (which also gets me miffed) also no one invited me...which started me having all those bad High School feelings again. I got angry about things that happened about well lets see 20 years ago. I have been seriously pissed off about a fight I got into in 1987 . Hows that for useless. I am so glad I am not in High School right now. Poor B and S all those wonderful humiliating and isolating moments are still in front of them. At least I don't have to go on some crazy crash diet for the reunion I'll just stay fat, happy and full of hate.


postacademic said...

It's good to avoid your h.s. reunion - I went to mine and regretted it. Why go to a reunion when I didn't even go to prom? Anger is energy!

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