Monday, February 25, 2008

I Cant Catch a Break

Sometimes it is the simple things I long for most. Like the ability to go to the potty without a little voice sweetly chiming Mommy...Mommy... Mommy...MOMMY I HAVE TA USE THE POTTY! MOMMY I GOTTA USE THE POTTY! I GOTTA GO! And as I run out I hear the dreaded comment "Don't have to go no more. Nothings coming out." Which of course results in wet shoes 10 min later.

So on Mondays I get to work with the wonderful expectation of using the potty all alone for a just a few beautiful minutes. I might even be able to wash my hands and not have to resort to Purell. So this morning I go and the minute I get settled I hear my co worker standing out side the bathroom. She jiggles the handle. I hear her sigh. She sighs louder and then announces "Who's in there I gotta go!" She proceeds to tell anyone who passes by she has to go and someone is always in there. I step out and pull rank. "Its me I'm your boss! I'm using the potty!" (Yes I said potty) I close the door and try to settle back in but its just not the same.


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