Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Little Stunt Man

I got 4 1/2 hours of sleep last night ! Straight! I got up this morning and I had lost 2 pounds. Amazing! I bet if I could get 8 hours sleep I would wake up 5 pounds smaller. I am feeling a little more together today. I can see straight and I have yet to send out a terrible typo to lots and lots of people in an email for work. But there's still time.

B has taken to jumping right over S's head while she lays on the floor with his big clunky shoes. I know one of these days he's gonna land right on her. I keep telling him if he lands on her every time that short bus pulls up he'll know its his fault but that doesn't seem to impress him. He's even taken to doing it at school with other babies. Perhaps he is preparing to be an EvelKnievel type of guy and is practicing jumping over the Grand Canon. He also saw someone on TV doing stunts for about two seconds and now talks endlessly about getting a parachute. I'm glad we live on the first floor.

This constant danger is why S has learned to crawl at 4 months of age. She shimmies on her back with her legs pushing her along. Its takes a long time and doesn't get her too far but could end up saving her in a pinch.

I hope!


postacademic said...

Dude - that's so fucking cute.

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