Friday, March 14, 2008

The Party Good and Bad

Commence mushy and emotional blogging:

I just realized today is the last day of the Blog Party. I was so great to read some many different blogs a lot of them I'm sure I'll be regular readers of. It was also so great to get so many comments. Sometimes I feel like I am blogging to myself and while that's fine, I did it when I journaled, but it is so great to be sharing this with other people.

This whole motherhood thing while wonderful and fulfilling can be really overwhelming and isolating. I used to go out with my friends all the time and now I'm lucky if I get out once a month for an hour. Blogging and hearing from people makes me feel like I have a social network again and I'm not so alone. Thanks for your comments (from all of you not just the party gals) and letting me share this with you guys.

O.k. I'm done being mushy commence with the sarcasm and wit.

Here goes.

Blogging and the party also had an evil side for me. Its spoiled me. Made me greedy. I kept hoping that the 21 or 22 comments I got during the party would continue. I was sad when it did not. Then I got angry. I mean hey I'm funny I'm quirky why don't I have 53 comments.

I have a dark blogging secret. Sometimes I check several times a day to see if I have comments. I look at the blog rolls of pages I frequent and try to find my blog listed. I get all upset when I don't see it. I look at the number of comments other people have and I am jealous.

I feel like I'm the blogging black sheep. Am I smelly? Why no comments? The party spoiled it all for me. Now I want more... more... commence evil laughter!


Gerbil said...

the good part of the UBP is there's so many blogs to read and discover... the bad part is... there's so many blogs to read and discover... a body can drive themselves nuts. (oh wait, i already am)

most of the people who hit my blog are actually searching for ''bailiff whack his peepee'' and not the blog.

sigh. i know my big frustration right now is that i want to update my blogroll and can't do it from my handheld.

Person(Also Known As Mommy) said...

Your blog is great. And as far as I can tell you are not smelly. If it makes you feel any better I fully intended to put you on my blog roll after I post my party ending post. Which I was going to do yesterday...but I got busy...but you'll be there. Cause you totally crack me up!

The Green Panther said...

I'm a little late for the blogging party finish -- I'm that hungover guy on the couch the next morning -- but I wanted to stop by anyway! Thx for stopping by my blog.

All us little bloggers feel the same way about comments ... you either have to network constantly or start posting entries with titles like "SHOW US YOUR BOOBZ!!!" or "EXCLUSIVE interview with love child of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama" to generate massive traffic.

Anyhow, lovin' your blog!

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