Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tell Me Why

I was reading the blog Because I Said So and she pointed out some facts of children's programing that I must agree with after hours and hours of watching Noggin I too am plagued with the following questions:

Where the Hell are Max and Ruby's Parents? Is Ruby the worlds first 7 year old mother or are her parents drug addicts or felons who are just not present if so why doesn't her kindly grandma move in and help take care of them?

How old is Stephanie supposed to be on Lazy Town? I read her bio and she is really 16. And does she have something going with the very sexy Sportacus? I'm sorry but I just love that guy. I was completely obsessed with him last year but this year I plan to be more level headed.
Ok look at him you know he' sexy OK I love him what can I do?
Anyway.... (I'm so ashamed)

The question we all want to know what is Uniqua? B says she is a cow but it just doesn't sit right with me.

I think I used to be quite a reflective, deep, woman now...well what can I say?


Gerbil said...

we watch Sprout occasionally but never noggin. moose and zee make my teeth clench involuntarily.

we've got fireman sam and noddy instead.

Fern said...

Oh, I have so many comments to make but I can't stop reading! That means your blog is a must-read and a must-bookmark.

1) Thanks for the comment on my blog!
2) I hate dogs! (And you may not "hate" your dog, but I felt a kinship with you when you mentioned your distaste for your dog.)
3) We have that exact same Exersaucer!
4) I too am troubled by Max and Ruby's family situation. Also, the episode where Ruby and Max go downtown to buy their grandma a birthday present is deeply upsetting to me for many reasons. Ruby has to use all her own money for all this laundry and meals and bus fare? And why doesn't she just let Max run around dirty? I mean, how much of a control freak can you be at Ruby's age?
5) I am ashamed to admit I have previously harbored a terrible grudge against Caillou for being such a whiny bastard. I am getting over it, and now I almost find his whines charming.
6) Your husband needs to permanently keep the couch, since you are the ONE NURSING A BABY!!!! Dude! But I'm glad you didn't stoop to shaming him on your blog.

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