Friday, March 28, 2008

Feel Free To Hum Along

By now the traveling minstrels must have come to your glen and told of the brave Lady Suzie who battled the great Education Conference. If not this is the song they have sung:

(Please feel free to make up your own medievel tune)

Brave Lady Suzie, hurrah hurrah, Brave Lady Suzie hurrah!

A song must be sung for the Brave Lady Suzie, The Brave Lady Suzie hurrah!

A battle so great has never been seen that the brave lady Suzie did fight

She shrunk not in fear when the laptop connections did not work for the power point overhead projectors.

She shrunk not in fear when the speaker order was changed and she had to go first to the podium proudly she walked.

Nay did she offer anyone juice, nor did she nurse fussy strangers from her bosom.

Brave Lady Suzie, hurrah hurrah, Brave Lady Suzie hurrah!

She battled great adversity, fighting fatigue, lack of caffeine, and a stiff neck

And yet the great and beautiful Lady Suzie gave a speech that shall be sung of in the fields, towns and castles great

Brave Lady Suzie, hurrah hurrah, Brave Lady Suzie hurrah!

Yes she battled the great conference and won
and then ate pizza


WillThink4Wine said...

Ooooh! Pizza! I had pizza last night, yummy.

Michele said...

Sheesh, I had pizza as well! Crazy!

Congrats on your big conference to-do--I had the song 'Brave Sir Robin' in my head from the "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" movie as I read your lyrics.

Marlee said...

You are totally hilarious!

Congrats on the success of your presentation! :)

Person(Also Known As Mommy) said...

I was thinking Brave Sir Robin too! Hilarious. Glad things went well for you :)

Anonymous said...

My dear,
that strange and creepy man from the TV show with the pointy moustache and very tight tights would be proud! Go forth and martini yourself for me. Let us make a plan to celebrate this together soon. I am desperate to see babes again and visit that cocktail bar across the road that puts xxx in the gin!
Cuz xxxxx
p.s. thank you for the continuing 'dangs'

velocibadgergirl said...

Nice job! And no sign of the vicious Chicken of Bristol! (though if it had challenged you, I feel certain you'd have triumphed)

Anonymous said...

I lift my cup of grog to your success. Hazzah!

Madge said...

pizza? pizza sounds just right -- especially after what sounds like a harrowing day.

We are THAT Family said...

Just wanted to let you know---
I moved my website due to viewing and loading issues on my apple. Unfortunately, some of the bookmarks aren't working correctly.

Would you mind changing the url address to:

Thanks so much

Have an awesome weekend!

We are THAT family

Gerbil said...

hee hee, another Sir Robin-ite here, too.

Also, I tagged you for a meme because OBVIOUSLY you need more to think about, right? Right.

postacademic said...

Holy Crap. Not only was that funny as hell, but where on earth did you collect all these readers?

Kate said...

Congrats on a successful speech! :)

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