Friday, May 17, 2013

Little B Solves Hunger and Homelessness

Last night I came home to a line of ants walking through my children's bedroom window.  My son was sitting by the window with a strange look on his face trying to kill the ants as fast as they marched in.  I walked in and let out a little cry of shock at the band of ants quickly taking over my house.  

Little S looked up at me and smiled.

"B did it! He did it its all his fault punish him." pigtails bouncing and the little gap with the two missing teeth shining in the ant light.

"Did what I ask? " not really wanting to know what crazy scheme had ended with my house over run by black ants.

"Fed the ant blueberries. He opened the window and fed them blueberries!" 

"Why B? Why?"

My son cleared his throat and with a look of pride announced , "They were hungry so I fed them blueberries. They were cold so I opened the window." 

I'm not sure if I should be proud or ground his little butt until next Tuesday. 

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