Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday's Poetic Thoughts About Saying Goodbye

An Ode to the Gate I Have Opened Each Morning for the Past 14 Years
Dear old ugly storefront gate
It’s you I truly truly hate
You’re heavy and old and often covered in pee
Hearing your creaky squeak each morning does not fill me with glee
When I was sick and heavy with child
My poor body you did beguile
Even after operations on my spine
You made sure to stick and whine
And now as I get ready to say a-due

I pretty damn sure I will not miss you

An Ode To The Time Clock

Time clock time clock on the wall
You always made me feel so small
You tracked my days hour by hour
And never once did you produce a flower
You almost always decided to break
When I was leaving and it was late
To fix you was an awful job
I wished out the window with you I could lob
In a cold lobby I shivered and shook
While your operating system I would look
Come snow or rain you always crashed
And you machine I wanted to bash
I will say goodbye and soon

I hope someone hits you with a broom

Mouse Haiku
Mouse in my office
Have you come to say goodbye
I never liked you


Aunt LoLo said... are retiring?

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BDKR said...

OMG that is awesome!

Suzie said...

No Lolo Ive quit

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