Thursday, November 21, 2013

My House

My house day time:

Mommy are there pink grapes? Magenta? What does the word future mean? Why aren't there any asteroids crashing into the earth right now? Can you make something lava proof?

Me: Honey lets take a question break just for a little while.

Mommy what's a question break mean?

Me:Its when you stop asking me questions for a little while

Oh....... How many seconds are there in a little while?
My house night time:
That's it! The next one who gets out of your bed gets a consequence.
What if I have to go potty?
You just went
What if there's a fire?
There wont be a fire
What of a robber comes and says he'll rob us if we don't come out of our bedroom?
There's no robber
What if I have an disease and the only way to get better is to sleep in the living room
That's it one more word and consequence

I gotta go potty


Aunt LoLo said...

You sure you weren't at MY house??

neb said...

Great. Now I have to pee.

Hannah Taylor said...

Hi! Do you feature guest postings? Thanks and have a great day!

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BunnieHunnie said...

This is so cute! Kids always want to know where the line is. It's, "how much can I get away with?"

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