Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday's Rant

I love NYC isn't that what all the tee-shirts say?  Well I gotta say I just don't! Its dirty, expensive the people are mean and there always seem to be some kind of a disaster. Hurricanes, terrorist attacks, the day the whole city smelled like maple syrup (which you know was some strange terrorist attack created by Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers to give us all a diet crisis.) just to name a few.

Now I know a water main break is not a disaster but its sure is icky.

Yes today we have a water main.  Water pouring in the streets but none in the taps. The news keeps harping on subway troubles but come on really no water how yucky!

Any NYC disaster brings out all the crazies.  When I went to lunch 20 min ago people were camped out on the sidewalks with gallons of water drinking it like they had just run a marathon. People were asking strangers where the water went and would it ever come back again. Some very tall crazy man wearing a tiara  and child sized purple rain coat with Dora on it  was walking down the street yelling "Prepare yourselves for the end of days there is no drinking water in the city! The lord will take us all!!"

And speaking of lunch I didn't bring my lunch today so since there's no water how is everyone washing their hands? And I work in a daycare so think about all the diaper changes done each day with no water to clean up butts or hands ick!

 And while I'm eating my contaminated sandwich I now remember that everyone uses my keyboard.   I'm as always I'm eating and typing oh ick ick ick. I'm probably getting some illness that will cause my fingernails to turn blue and fall off and my eyes to turn into gooing orbs of fire.

And don't get me started on the whole toilet thing cause in just a few hours it will no longer be known as the big apple but as the stink apple or the apple filled with unflushable poo.

I love NYC? Not really, not today, sorry. Yuck


Wasabi Honey Bee said...

Wow, it sounds like a pretty lame day : ( I'm so sorry!
Well, hopefully they will fix it up quickly and everything will be back to "normal" : )

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

NYC is totally gross move and get a big house with trees and a yard. Its not like you get a chance to go out anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ms. Anonymous she could go out maybe that's the point. Also she cant drive so what should she do in the suburbs roller skate to the grocery store?

Anonymous said...

Hey you're anonymous too and what if she did roller skate to the store it brns calories and it would be a great excuse to wear those hot pink leg warmers she's been saving up for

Anonymous said...

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