Monday, January 28, 2008

Linda Blair Strikes Again

I was very worried about this morning. I was opening the school and the two teachers who usually open with me were absent. As it is always a little bit of crap shoot when we make it out of the house with my two monsters I was worried.

The morning started off great. S got up to nurse at 6am just when I was done my shower. I woke B up when she was done he had breakfast and all looked good. In fact it was a picture perfect morning. I put on Ben's coat at 7am and put S in the carrier and we were just about out the door 5min early when... huge amounts of green bile can flowing out of S's mouth. It was just like the exorcist. I expected her head to start turning around and doing a 360. In horror I began to yell. B ran to get Daddy as the dog began licking the vomit of the floor. Daddy who was majorly grossed out ran to help and finally the flow stopped .

I was relieved but I had to go slime or no slime I had to get to school or all of those poor little kids would be left in the cold. I ran through the cold dripping in the green sludge until I made it to work cold, sick and very very smelly. S on the other had was as happy as could be and there was no sign of the evil vomitous presence that had once taken over her very cute little body. Thank goodness for the work washer a necessity in child care.

On a totally different note I had a terrible nightmare last night and the star of my dream was Parker Stevenson from the Hardy Boys. It had to do with a house and some ghosts and fire. I woke up shaking and actually clung to he poor dog for comfort. You gotta love Mondays.


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