Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why post this picture?

1. To demonstrate that it easier to bath both of them at the same time then to do it separately

2. Because it is a disgustingly cute photo. Really really cute and great!

3. B is a nut and this picture proves it

4. This photo will make the kids cringe in the future and that is always fun

5. It makes evenings seem like a serene time great for bonding.

6. You cannot see the pudding that was smeared on the walls earlier in the evening (thus the bath)

7. You cannot see the temper tantrum that occurred when the Wonder Pets were turned off for the bath

8. No one is poking and throwing wash clothes at the baby

9. You cannot see me guzzling my wine

10. All of the above.


JohannaG said...

they are quite adorable. Just remember that when they are making you nuts. No can kill. They are too adorable.

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