Thursday, January 24, 2008

Welcome to My New Blog Space

Ok Its was totally that old blog sites fault. I totally wont remember him. So there.

No seriously I decided to start a new blog space because I've had many emails complaining about trouble posting comments on the aol site . I actually stayed up all night not only because of the kids but because it strangely felt like a hard decision to change blog carriers. but I have done it and now I just hope I remember my password and where this blog is so I can keep updating it. But welcome to my new site.

Here is a completely gratuitous picture of B wearing his baby doll in a pretend baby carrier.

By the way all you people who complained you could never post comments have some work to do now.


Paula said...

Congrats to B on his almost diaper- free state. Getting to be a big boy. Paula

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