Monday, March 11, 2013

Thing Are Not As They Seam

Every morning its the same thing. The days begins with B's battle cry:

My socks don't feel right.Mom! They're bothering me!!!

It's the whining call of the morning like a bugler in the boy scouts letting everyone know the sun has risen.  My mornings are spent adjusting sock and changing sock.   I have a whole collection of different kind of socks big ones, thin ones, thick ones, silky ones, rough ones all waiting for their turn to be tried on the feet of B only to be thrown back down again in shame and ruin.

I have tired turning them inside out
I have tried buying expensive unseamed ones
I have tried yelling and just telling him to deal with it.
I have tried ignoring the problem.
But nothing works.

Its gotten so bad my son now wears his socks like this! 

No that's not the latest in shoe fashion those are the kid's socks pulled down in such a was that he doesn't feel the seam. The socks flop around on the top of his shoe like a Great Danes tongue. 

His teachers have written me notes about it.  Apparently its hard to be a star in gym when you have dumbo ears flapping out of your shoes.  

People point it out to me on the street like I don't know my son's socks are pulled up around his ankles like a crazy cat lady might wear while roaming the streets looking for an alien space craft driven by a race of very large tabby's. 

My husband and I have taken to ignoring it hoping that one day he'll out grow it or get self conscious or something. Maybe the peer pressure will get to him and he'll wear socks that don't need their own zip code. 

Don't get me started on the underwear.


Chimera said...

There are too many sock puns...I might put my foot in it. Jeez Louise! What is he going to do with flip flops?

Mama Pajama said...

HAhahahaa! HEeheeheeheehee! oh, that's just too much..!

LStewart said...

These may be what works -

Suzie said...

Thanks L But I unfortunately have tons of seamless sock and its a no go but Ill take a look

Rory Bore said...

you know, I can't blame him...I hate wearing socks. which is bad since my land is frozen and cold for 7 months of the year. I only wear them to avoid frostbite...but as soon as I come inside: off with the socks!!

Underwear are cumbersome too really. but I do adhere to that strict social protocol.

Susi said...

My biggest issue with what the kids wear is that my son refuses to wear a jacket even when it gets cold as it sometimes does in Florida. :)Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Julie Maloney said...

Oh dear, that is a predicament. I decided to completely toss out all of the socks in the house and buy brand new ankle length socks for each kid. I was so sick of matching them up!

downhillalltheway said...

This actually makes perfect sense to me. In a weird way. I hate it when my socks do that!

Anonymous said...

Very funny post. I feel for you!

Veronica Lee said...

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Have a nice day!

sugarplums andlollipops said...

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