Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Dont KNow What to Say

Today I am out of bloggy ideas I tried I wrote and wrote and erased and wrote. I mean I'm at work people. This is too much pressure!!! I need a manicure and a massage not an empty blog page saying do it write on me be creative be funny. I hate you empty blog page! Why do you say create on top? Its like a taunt! I am trying! I am! But I am only human. I cant I cant I have nothing left to give...sob...sob...

Ok so in honor of my nothing to say day I turn to google. Thank goodness for google and the wakey people and perverts who use you daily. According to google not only do I have nothing to say but I tend to say it in quiet a random way. I mean look at how people found my bloggy goodness on a keyword search:

why does my pup lick his paws and butt
cactus prickers
poem for crabby hubby
bad bugs killer
how to make bad bug go away
how to get rid of water bugs
getting rid of my scale
dog bars
sexy moms
how do you know when you've lost yourself?
dog leaves wet spot at night
water bug killer
moms sexy

And my all time favorite :
big wet butts in high hills

Hmmm...... strange. I seem to be obsessed with bugs and dogs. Who knew. I don't recall writing about big wet butts in high hills but who knows I feel like Ive been blogging since I was a wee lass or at least since last year so it could have happened.

So if you came here for big wet butts in high hills you are outta luck. Its just little me hoping for comments and maybe a little love and some peanuts and maybe a frozen Margaretta.


Valarie said...

Bwahahahh!! Big Wet Butts in High Hills! Oh there are some weird people out there.

Ren said...

LOL! Fantastic! ^^

the teach said...

Suzie, I can't believe I didn't put you name on my list of Happy Feet awardees. I think I must be losing it! I had a piece of paper I put everybody's name on and then I lost it. Please come back and accept the Happy Feet award. I'm adding your name now... :)

Kate said...

Personally - I loved your "big wet butt" post. I thought that the hillside setting was very romantic.

My Wonderful Men said...

I hate days where there is nothing to blog about. But, you did a good job anyway.

Anonymous said...

The avenues which people take to our blogs are strange at times. Last week I had one person find me by yahooing "is it appropriate for a child to bathe with grandparents!" Sick.

We are THAT Family said...

And now I don't know what to say...

April said...

Well, alrighty then! Those lists are always scary.
I don't know what to say either.

Anonymous said...

It's better than the perverted ones about children. Scary.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Ho ho ho!
You are too funny.
Now I just read my comment and feel like Santa.
Happy day to you!

soleil said...

You're too funny! A great post! I don't even know how to look up google searches to my blog.

MamaGeek said...

These are always amusing. Dog bars?

Vered said...

See? Even when you've got nothing to say, you still manage to be funny!

I've had some weird Google searches too. People are creepy.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

not bad for having nothing to say.

The Mrs. said...

see you hadnt run out of things to say!

if it makes you feel any better when i did a word cloud for my blog one of the biggest words... toilet.

sorry to make you tear up today. but its nice to know you got what i was saying.

Vodka Mom said...

for having nothing to say, this was damn good. (Teachers NEVER have nothing to I right???)

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