Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day Update

# of cups of coffee made for me :0
# of Presents received :0
# of flowers received:0
# of wet sheet changed:1
# of vomiting sessions I experienced:0
# of vomiting sessions B experienced:0
# of vomiting sessions S experienced:0
# of vomiting sessions Hubby experienced:0
# of hugs received: A whole lot

Mothers Day rating : Pretty Darn Good definitely a step up from last year. I'm still waiting for a martini in the Bahamas though.

Note Cat doodle


Madge said...

the martini in the bahamas is only about 20 years away. hey, the nonvomiting mother's day. sweet. the hugs. absolutely perfect.

Annie said...

Glad you had a good day!

Kristin H. said...

I had a vomiting Mother's Day. "L" had projectile vomiting 3 times all over the floor at Sbarro's in the mall. Good times. I had big plans for the day but we were barely at the mall 20 minutes before she blanketed the floor with lunch. Oh well, there's always next year.

I'm glad your day went well. :)

WillThink4Wine said...

Make that a Margarita in the Bahamas and you can count me in! Lots of hugs and no vomiting? Super day, all in all!

Love the little cat doodle you snuck in there! ;-)

Stacey Huston said...

Suzie, sounds like you had a wonderful day.. I am so happy for you.. thanks for sharing

Kmommy said...

Sounds like a halfway decent day! A day with no vomiting is one to be cherished ;)

the teach said...

I sure do hope you get that martini next year... Glad there wasn't any vomiting though! :)

Mama Zen said...

Sounds like a definite improvement over last year!

forgetfulone said...

Well, that's not so bad! I remember those days when a "no vomiting day" was a good day! How about just a martini after putting the kids to bed? LOL

HRH said...

Sounds like an improvement. Maybe next year you can increase your score? Hope so!

Mo said...

Yay for no vomiting sessions and Double Yay for "note cat doodle"!!!!

For The People said...

Hope my wife and mom were a little better off than you. They did get lots of hugs,kisses,flowers, and a present. No offence but I have the best wife in the world so I guess you did okay for second place LOL

Trisha said...

This is really funny!


Vered said...

OMG, you just made me laugh out loud.

And this is BEFORE my second cup of coffee!

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