Friday, May 30, 2008

A Night At the Bar

Last night I went out with a friend of mine. I hear you gasp. Yes really, I did.

It had been so long since I went out I was surprised no one was doing the robot or drinking New Coke.

I met my friend in a bar. The Young Suzie trapped inside of the Mommy Suzie was ecstatic. She wanted to get drunk dance on the tables and prowl for boys. Mommy Suzie told Young Suzie to settle down and sit nicely after all we were a happily married almost middle aged woman now so get a grip!

Upon approaching the bar Mommy Suzie could make out the youngsters who were engaging in the filthy habit of smoking and girls wearing too much make up and short skirts. Mommy Suzie had to fight the urge to tell those young ladies to march back upstairs and change their clothes immediately. Young Suzie told Mommy Suzie to get a grip and lighten up. Mommy Suzie was appalled and wanted to go home and go straight to bed after all it was almost 8pm.

Mommy Suzie met her friend who commented on how quiet it was for a Thursday night. Mommy Suzie had to have old friend repeat that statement three times before she could hear what he was saying. Mommy Suzie and old friend actually got a seat and young Suzie downed her drink (Mommy Suzie helped) and they talked (screamed) a little bit about old times. Mommy Suzie relaxed just a little bit and Young Suzie ordered a second drink obviously trying to liquor Mommy Suzie up.

At 9:00 Mommy Suzie had to excuse herself and go home. After all tomorrow was a big day and she needed her beauty sleep and the early bird catches the worm. She pulled Young Suzie out of the bar just as she had ordered a flaming Bob Marley and was ready to start doing the Macarana.

Don't worry Mommy Suzie told Young Suzie as she dragged her kicking and screaming down the street well be going out again soon at least by 2012.


We are THAT Family said...

I loved this! Isn't funny how we change? It's even weirder when we see the change.

You mean New Coke is Old now? Geesh.

WillThink4Wine said...

My sisters and I range from 47-53. A wild night for us has us in our relaxing clothes (aka pajamas) sipping wine and staying up until way past... 8:30! Oh, and I love Bob Marley!

When you fly, DO bring your camera!

trying said...

funny you would post this today, i was just thinking last night about how life has changed. i had a question for my younger brother so i called, he was out at a bar and I balked at him being out so late... it was 10:45. sigh. when did we become farts!

oh and the screaming record here is 1 hour and 54 mins.

Kristin H. said...

It seems to happen instantly, yes? Like the moment you pop out a kid, the rules change. I had a hard time adjusting to the transformation; now I can't remember my old life.

Heather said...

Wow Suzie--a fellow bedrester! I didn't know that until yesterday. I started my blog when I was on bedrest with Cakes. Anyway...

I can't remember the last time I went out with friends, but I sense that I wouldn't be great company, considering that:

A) I refer to myself in the third person as Mommy, to everyone. It's a habit I cannot break. So if someone asked, "Would you like a beer?" I would answer, "No, beer gives Mommy heartburn."

B) I can't drink anyway, because I'm still nursing Cakes, who I swear will still want to "do bubbies" when she's 18.

C) I would talk of nothing but my children, thus boring everyone to tears with anecdotes about dance recital costumes, poopy diaper analysis, and the importance of sleep schedules.

D) I would start yawning and looking at my watch at 8 PM.

A party animal, I am not.

Stacey Huston said...

I am so glad you got out and had a little fun, but I am glad too that Mommy Suzie won out..and I bet you both slept a little better with the drinks. LOL Have a great weekend.

CC said...

Only 4 more years. you can make it!

the teach said...

Go out more often, Suzie, and young Suzie and mommy Suzie will feel more comfortable. Keep some of young Suzie and a little bit of Mommy Suzie... and you'll be alright! :D

Gerbil said...

Heeeee, that's funny stuff.

WillThink4Wine said...

You make my day award and free hugs. Just for you!. Really!!

Annie said...

Now, see, I think Young Susie should have put her foot down and stayed until the Flaming Bob Marley arrived...because I really want to know what one is now!

Glad you had fun!

HRH said...

Yeah for the Suzies.

It sounds like they need to have a drink with the Hollies...

The four can dance the macarana together.

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