Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why Kids Have More Fun

The Way S thinks must put in mouth foot must put in mouth's ear must put in mouth
Yumm...Mom's nose must put in mouth

The Way I think

Yumm... pizza must not put in mouth
Yumm... cheese steak must not put in mouth
Yumm... candy must not put in mouth
Yumm... foot must not put in mouth

The Way B thinks

Oooh...must yell at the top of my lungs
Oooh...must hit best friend for no reason
Oooh...I want that... must whine

The Way I think

Oooh...must not yell, must not yell
Oooh...must not hit child, must not!
Oooh...time for some wine! Wee!


Colleen said...

I can relate!

My kids all of a sudden have an obsession with taking off their socks and shoes - in a restaurant, in the car, ANYWHERE...the worst part of it all? The baby starts it!!! WTF?

I'm tagging you...don't shoot me!

Chimera said...

This my dear cuz, is indeed a classic. I have smile on face.
Hey, do do do move to somewhere with me and lots of air for your children's lungs! I could babysit. We could make moonshine martinis.
T xxx

Vered said...


Now I feel a little more like a carefree kid and a little less like a restrained, inhibited grownup.

Thank you. :)

WillThink4Wine said...

The Way I Think:

Ooooh...must have wine!

Madge said...

the way i think:

must have pizza
must have pizza
must have pizza

i can't help it.

TSannie said...

Wine cures just about any problem!
No, really!

That was very funny!

forgetfulone said...

oh, that sounds familiar! Isn't it nice to know your kids are normal? And the candy part - unfortunately, that won't last as long as you want it to.

Annie said...

Would it really be terrible if we all just thought like kids more? Really? Well...except I like your thought of wine...the adult kind!

Nicole said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement on my MommyFest post...and after reading this - I think we may be long lost sisters! I'll keep reading! said...

your boys are adorable!!!thanks for taking time to visit my blog,have a great blog party(coz me think that as a mom,that's the only party we can afford to go) :)

Kristin H. said...

OMG! I was just thinking those same thoughts! Why is everything OK for children...but not for us?? I want to whine and scream and eat candy and pizza and...

Who made up all the rules? What's with the fuc*&^% RULES!!??

Kmommy said...

LOL!! Love it! Our kids are probably twins! Baby B has also been spotted chewing on dogs ear and putting everything in her mouth! And toddler D... yes, I think your boy and mine are secretly getting together and trading ideas to make mommy crazy! :)

baby~amore' said...

LOL - very funny'

some days I think it is so wrong but wine at lunch time (read nap time) starts to look good ...

I don't I wait till whine of clock.

HRH said...

I think like you.
My kids think like B.

Veronica said...

Oh! The nose sucking! How I detest the nose sucking.

And I hear that dogs ears are very very tasty.

Stacey Huston said...

LOL too funny.. they will grow up, sooner than you know and believe it or not you will miss some of this...(wink)

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