Thursday, May 29, 2008

Warning Another Sentimental Posting Here

I started blogging when I was pregnant with S. It was almost a year ago. I had discovered that even though I live in a big city I had started to feel really alone. Before kids I had a big social network. I went out with the girls I talked on the phone with friends. When I was on bed rest with B most of my friends stopped coming by. (Que sad awww sound)

It was isolating and now with the two kids I hardly see anyone anymore. Yes I see people at work but its different I am the boss. When I talk to friends on the phone I am constantly having to stop and answer questions about chocolate milk and rescue the dog from pinching baby fingers. I love my life I love being a mommy but boy it does it get lonely. So I started blogging and I met people, all different types of people. I started feeling like I wasn't so alone anymore. I got a new community one who has many members who also have to stop to get more chocolate milk. Thank you all so much for just being there.

Some of my oldies but goodies like:
The Teach
We Are that Family
Will Think for Wine
The Forgetful One
Stacey Huston
I've Changed My Name to Mommy

Have been around for awhile and have helped me find my blogging voice:

Some of the new ones like:
Kristen H.
Llama Mamma
Have really added so much to my bloggy life with their comments and suport

June Cleavers Nirvana -who also commented on one of my posts "You look hot today" which totally made my week
Doc Grumbles
Who never fail to impress me with their writing and view points on life.

And of course my wonderful friends
Holey Vision
Escape From Brooklyn
Down Hill All the Way
who has enabled me to find someone else who can talk about blogging for hours

I know I forgot people. I am sorry. I feel like I am at the Academy awards.
So here is your award for being so wonderful and giving me support and love and helping me get through this wonderful yet pretty darn hard part of my life.

I promise the next post will be silly. Really! I mean it!

Also I know I've been tagged by a few people for memes Im sorry Ill try to get to them soon.


WillThink4Wine said...

Awww, that's so sweet, Suzie! Thanks! Right back atcha!

Blogging is a great way to expand our horizons and flex our brains, too. I've discovered so many great bloggers along the way, and others... well, not so much!

Anonymous said...

Aawwwwww....WE LOVE YOU TOOOOOOO!!!! (insert big 'ol bear hug with a sloppy kiss on the cheek.) I've never gotten a blog award. I will cherish it forever :)

And, I started blogging for all the same reasons. I't amazing how one chapter of your life just fades away within a relatively short span of time. But I have found a whole new circle of friends out here. Thanks for being part of my life :)

Dr. Grumbles said...

Awwww...I love these types of posts.

Blogging has been wonderful for me, too. It is such a unique way of communicating, and the feedback you get is always a nice surprise.

Madge said...

you like me!! you really like me!!!

(I had to say it before someone else did!)

thanks for the award! i needed it. i've been feeling very blah about the whole blogging thing. i've been feeling blahggish. oooohh. i just found something to blog about!

Vered said...

Were did my comment go??

Trying again:

Thank you so much. I can't remember how I found you - perhaps it was Wordless Wednesday - but I knew right away that I liked you.

I am often amazed at how online friendships can provide just as much support as real-life ones.

Oh, and I LOVE sentimental posts. :)

Llama Momma said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks!

Kmommy said...

My first ever blog award :) And I'm so glad it came from you :)
I was happy to read your sentimental post! I also started blogging just under a year ago while pregnant with baby B. Of course I lived in a town of 96... so I was pretty isolated and felt it. But I do know about being in a big city and feeling alone. I also have met some really great people through blogging and am so glad I started!
My wordless wednesday(erroneously posted on thursday!) happened while I was checking your blog to see my award ;)

the teach said...

Well, Suzie, I am so delighted with the award! Thank you very much! I love being your blogging friend and I'm glad we can all participate in each other's lives! See, you're not alone anymore! :D
I will display the award on my sidebar proudly!!

trying said...

AWWWWW. I feel so special now.

I'm amazed at how lonely being a mom can be sometimes. Rewarding and amazing, but lonely and isolating none the less. I really enjoy reading your blog and thanks for keep on coming back to mine : ) I am in awe at how you do it all, work, mommydom, and STILL have time to blog and be funny.

And the milk over here is strawberry just so you know.

HRH said...

You still look hot and you make me laugh!

Thanks so much. You are so sweet and I really appreciate YOU and YOUR comments even on days that I don't make it over here as regularly as I want to.

I want to give the whole blog world a hug today too...must be this sentimental post...THANKS!

Heather said...

Oh, that's just so nice! I'm gonna put this on my blog.

I love you too Suzie...your wit and humor make my day.

CC said...

Thank you so much!!! :) Smiles!

Annie said...

Awww, thank you so much! I think I also found you on a Wordless Wednesday, and I'm so glad I did! I enjoy reading you every day!

I think this is my first blog award - I might have to print it out! :-)

Veronica said...

Oh thankyou so much!

Heidi said...

I'm always happy when I'm talking on the phone to another mom and she has to stop mid-sentence to say something that makes absolutely no sense- "no, you may not flick the cat". :)
That's why I started blogging agian too, I wanted that sense of "community" that I had the last time and that I lose out on by being so busy in my daily life.

forgetfulone said...

Thank you so much, Suzie! I really enjoy reading your blog. And when I was reading about your isolation, and feeling like you're alone, and work not counting as socialization, I could so relate. Sounds like the way I feel most of the time. It's so great to "know" other bloggers out there feel it, too?

Michele said...

Thank you for the award! I always look forward to your updates, whether they are funny or serious.

Michele said...

p.s. Remember when you thought you had no readers or blog devotees? Pretty cool, huh? :)

Stacey Huston said...

So very sweet.. Thank you so very much!!!

Colleen said...

Thank you! :O)

I, too, love my bloggie friends!

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