Friday, May 2, 2008

You Know You've Lost Yourself to Motherhood When

  • Your IPod has at least one rendition of the Itsy Bitsy Spider on it
  • You tell everyone you meet including the UPS guy and cable guy that your baby has eaten strained carrots for the first time
  • While fighting with your husband you tell him more than once to "Use his inside voice"
  • You shamelessly pull your whole boob out in front of a room full of people including your father and your boss to nurse.
  • You ask your coworkers if anyone "has to go potty" before you begin the big meeting
  • You can hold entire conversations criticizing the price of diapers and milk at your local drug store
  • You have at least six tissues and one pacifier on your person at any given time
  • You think of work as a place where you can finally use the bathroom alone


trying said...

i love your list. i can say ditto to so many of them. althought i didnt see bribing your children with twizzlers so you can take a shower. : )

Dr. Grumbles said...

Yes, I can definitely tell which friends are moms by signs such as these!

Colleen said...

One more:
- you have a pair of socks in your purse and don't wonder why

Veronica said...

Yep, there I am, right at the top of the Mum's list.

Add in mine - You don't have an ipod, because the headphones would cause you to not be able to hear IMPENDING DOOM.

Also, I keep trying to respond to your comments on my blog via email, but your email bounces! Its driving me mad, I hate not being able to reply.

Sandy C. said...

oh man, these are so true! What a great list ;) I always have tissues, diapers and wipes on me at all times.

Gerbil said...

My Zune? Has Red Grammer's Down the Do Re Me and Teaching Peace, Tom Paxton, Peter Paul and Mommy and Trout Fishing in America.

'nuff said.

We are THAT Family said...

Great list! Here's my add-on: You have dried snot or food on your clothes and it doesn't bother you.

Btw, thanks for visiting me this weekend while I've been in bed recovering. Your comments cheered me up!

HRH said...

I am there with you...

latree said...

great list. I have more but that will make me included, so I don't think I'll add it to your list :)
hey I saw you on forgetful one and see your interesting blog. okay you can see mine as you promise on this comment prompt :D

Sindi said...

That was so funny. I do miss using the bathroom alone. My son is 14 and he still comes to the bathroom to ask me somethin. I just look at him and say" nothing is so important that you need to bother me while I am in the bathroom". He replies with something like " Yes, can I have a pop? ". Then I am aggrivated.

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