Monday, May 5, 2008

My Dog has an Ear Infection

If this poem doesn't win me one of those blogger awards I don't know what will. It was at about 3:15am that I was struck by this sensational poem. I think after 45 consecutive minutes sleep last night I am really at the top of my creative game.

My Dog has an Ear Infection

My dog has an ear infection
what can I do?
I know the poor boy is grumpy and blue
but he's last on my list
beneath buy diapers and glue
and another of my kids has come down with the flu
the sinks filled with dishes and the laundry needs folding
and something in the fridge is stinking and molding
the baby needs medicine the kid needs new sandals
there is so much going on its all hard to handle
I have doctor appointments and works in a frenzy
to all of these things I cannot see an endy
so a trip to the vet will not be near
until I grow more arms or get help so I fear
I guess we'll change his name to sad old red ear


Veronica said...

I LOVE the poem!

Also, thankyou for your comment on my blog. I tried to email you back, but I don't think AOL likes me and everything kept bouncing. *sniff*

Suzie said...

Veronica-I'm not sure why that happens. My computor and connection are wacky today. Thanks for trying to email me though.

the teach said...

Great poetry, Suzie!

Colleen said...

Great poem - someone somewhere in the blogosphere has got to be hosting a Mother's Day poetry contest. I'd vote for ya...

HRH said...

Creative genius.

LOL. You seriously need to have a reoccurring "poems I wrote in the middle of the night" feature here at the Hill.

Heidi said...

LOVE this. I completely relate- which I think is why we only have a fish. :) And I struggle keeping HIM alive! :) :) :)

WillThink4Wine said...

Poor ol' Red Ear. I'll bet it hurts, poor little feller. Can't someone else take the little guy? Earaches are the worst.

Sandy C. said...

Poor pup! Loved your poem though. We have the same problem.Once we had our daughter, and the house....we've totally neglected our dog. :( Hope he gets better soon.

Suzie said...

Actually I found some medicine from the last infection. He should be ok.

Sindi said...

The poem was superfantastic! Yes, I made that one word. I am glad to read from your comments that the poor little guy is going to be ok.

You should make a book of poems, I would buy it.

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