Thursday, June 19, 2008

Get Over It Already!

I'm back at work
the vacation is over
I wish I had found a four leaf clover
to keep me in pools with frozen drinks
that I cant get that daily really stinks
Instead the dog's hair is all tangled the baby stinky
my son is crying he hurt his pinkie
my work is crazy the parents nutty
all the paper work has put me in a rutty

But I can dream of green pastures growing
If I win the lotto some more fun will I be sowing

I shouldn't complain I'm very lucky
my life is good not not very sucky
I have my hubby and babies two
and the pregnancy test I took yesterday thank goodness was not blue (Now that was scary!)
so I will stop my whining and kvetching
and think about how later a nice glass of wine I will be fetching

Actually I'm going away the July 4th week so I really should just stop it but I love writing poems.


Vered said...

"and the pregnancy test I took yesterday thank goodness was not blue (Now that was scary!)"

Wow. What a relief. :)

Suzie said...

Yep that was too too scary!
I mean my apt. is 1,000 square feet if I have any more kids right now I'm going to have to loft them. Just stack them one on top of the other until we get more space.

trying said...

yikes I took one a week ago and was also relieved at the results. not that I wouldnt love more but I value what little sanity I have left right now!

ps I'll send ya cookies sometimes. Better they go to your ass then mine!

Quiet Mom said...


Thanks for commenting on my WW post!

Heather said...

I love your poems! I'm not good at poetry but my husband is. He likes to e-mail me the limericks he writes (no they're not dirty. Well...not usually). I always say that the ability to rhyme is the sign of a quick wit!

Twinklescrapbooks said...

I like your poems! :)

Kmommy said...

oh my! I can feel your relief ;)
I can't belive you have two little ones and a dog and live in 1,000 square feet!! I have 12,000 and it's way too small!!! I still have at least two kids and one dog on top of me at all times (and the 11-year-old and hubby are usually not too far behind!)

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