Monday, June 9, 2008

I Still Have A Lot To Say

I am not here I am gone
I left my blog to carry on
I'm on vacation it is true
so I will not be feeling blue
right now I hope I'm in the sun
drinking a margarita or three and having fun
But while I'm gone my bloggy friends
I will still be posting it will not end
I can still ramble away even though I am not here today
I still have lots of wonderful things to say
every darned day (no really I prepared for this I've been scheduling posts you know the drill their really funny posts, no really I promise)
So carry on reading and comment too
and when I return I will get back to you
doo dee doo dee doo


HRH said...

You are so silly. Glad you are having fun. Glad you are still posting. Sounds like a perfect combination...

Leslie Ann said...


Thanks for leaving a comment in my post about pants. Being a mom to two kids like me, I guess it's hard to keep clean.

Keep up the good work blogging!

trying said...

lol.... perhaps a sign your a bit TOO into blogging!

Madge said...

hope you are having the time of your life!

Vered said...


You're not here... but we are!


forgetfulone said...

funny! I hope you're having fun. I guess I better start preparing posts before I go on vacation in two weeks.

Annie said...

You are totally dedicated. I'm in awe that you were able to think about posting ahead as well as pack and get your family organized.

I hope you have a wonderful trip!

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