Thursday, June 5, 2008

Poor B

This morning was crazy. It started out with B pooping all over and trailing the poop all across the classroom leaving little piles of poop as he went. I handled it like a professional threatening him with diapers and no bubble gum on the plane (we leave for a weeks vacation on Saturday).

Later work got even crazier. Two teachers were out we had two new children start and the morning was extremely chaotic. In the middle of the chaos I turn around and my son is standing buck naked in the middle of the room. His arms stretched up to the ceiling and at the start of a mad naked dash across the classroom.

B spent the rest of the morning in his cubbie with a blanket wrapped around him. I took him out to Old Mc Donalds to spend a little time with him and see what was wrong. Trying to get that information out of a three year old is like asking a llama to recite the pledge of allegiance. But he was very happy to get out of school and get a happy meal toy anyway.

Its not like him. We are going on a week long vacation on Saturday maybe it that. (You'll guys will be here when I get back right? I'll have some great posts when I'm away set up with the scheduler. Really I will. I'll visit your blogs when I get back and comment a whole lot. Really! Great now I have abandonment issues and Im worried about B!) He switching classrooms soon...could be the baby..maybe he's been abducted by a UFO who knows.


Stacey Huston said...

Susie, I am sure B is just fine.. just a boy (lol) may be picking up on moms anxiety a bit.. Have a great vacation, and Lord willing no pc malfunctions I will be here..

We are THAT Family said...

Maybe it was just a bad day. Lord, knows I have them! Have an awesome trip and R-E-L-A-X!

Vered said...

Poor kid. It does sound like a bad day.

Of course I will still be here when you're back!!!

forgetfulone said...

Of course we'll be here when you get back. Have fun!

Who knows what was wrong with B. Even 3 year olds have a bad day sometimes. Don't worry. It will get better.

the teach said...

Maybe concerned (just like Mom) about flying! I'm sure it will all go well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :)

Heather said...

Maybe it's just all the excitement of going on vacation, or maybe he's overtired? I swear, when my kids are overtired, I don't even recognize them. I address all behavior issues with an earlier bedtime. It's surprising how often it works!

I'll miss you when you're gone!

Kmommy said...

Oh my! What a day!! It would be nice if happy meal toys could cure everything wouldn't it? 'Cause boy do I have a toybox full ;)
Too hilarious!
Have a wonderful trip!! And of course I'll be waiting around for you ;)

Madge said...

he's three! three!! i'm sure you've heard "anyone who says the twos are terrible didn't live to see three"

it's true. sometime during four -- it starts to get better.

i'm not making it up.

have a great vacation -- we'll all be here when you get back.

MommyWizdom said...

Hi there - thanks for visiting my blog. I just wanted to give you my two-cents (to take with a grain of salt). From what I've read in your blog it seems that only after he acts up big time (pooping on floor, streaking classrooms, etc.) does B get your undivided attention. Otherwise he's just getting screaming and talking and yelling out of you. You might try just spending more alone time with him (before he goes nutz) and see what happens. He's three - becoming independent but still in need of his mom. I hope you can do that on your vacation. Have a good one and good luck! :-)

trying said...

ever feel like parenting is just wondering whats up with your kids ALL the time? with some poop or food issues thrown in there for fun?

enjoy vacation... ill hold you to the commenting a lot when you get back.

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