Friday, April 11, 2008

The Monster Did It

My son has a new imaginary friend. he calls it the monster. Whenever he does something bad like drawing on the couch throwing batteries at the baby and you ask him what happened the response is always the same, "The Monster did it!" You gotta give him credit its a good ploy and although it never seems to work for him I thought it might help out some unfortunate situations nobody wants to take credit for so here's my list of thing that the Monster did:

The Monster Did It List:

1. Created the blooming onion at outback Steakhouse (I just read it contains 2210 calories and 134 grams of fat) oh my goodness I've eaten that one too!

2. Gave me a page boy haircut when I was six so no one could tell if I was a a boy or a girl

3.Thought war with Iraq was a good idea

4.Told boys they should wear their pants down to their knees. What's with that? (I know that one makes me look old)

5.Created the Flash Dance craze in the 1980's (Also makes me look old)

6. Created any song by Menudo (old again)

7. made acid washed jeans with the zipper on the ankle (OK I totally am old)

8. That Scott Baio reality show

9. Home perms

10. Told me I should give my little baby a series of shots so she runs a fever all night and cries and makes me cry and which makes my son cry so we can all feel terrible (The Monster totally did that one!)

Have a good weekend see you Monday! I hope we will. Sniff....


trying said...

Im so with you on the monster being behind the ankle zipper jeans and the scott baio show. He should also be blamed for any toy that loudly plays music but yet doesn't have a on and off switch.

Suzie said...

Oh you are so right. They are evil!

Colleen said...

#1: OMG - I'm NEVER eating that again. OK. Maybe only sometimes.

#7: Was that the one about the zipper on the pants? Then I'm old, too, cuz MAN was I cool when I finally got me some of those!

Great list - we've recently discovered "nobody" has moved in to our house!

Natalie said...

Great post...I can't figure out what's up w/the pants at the knees thing either.

To answer your question on my blog...I use to see how people search and find me. :)

Madge said...

oh how i love the blooming onion. how i love it. bad bad monster. also with you on #5, #6, #7 -- I'm so so old.

Gerbil said...

The monster must also be responsible for Max and Ruby. I'm just sayin'...

Sindi said...

That was so funny, thanks for the laugh, HE HE HE HE :-)

Anonymous said...

I have BLOG ENVY!!! Yours is so much bigger then mine ( and lets not mention your husbands) Oh and when you read my blog..the monster did East Congo too.
Love ya gnad!
T x

Person(Also Known As Mommy) said...

Too funny! Although to be perfectly honest I'd rather see guys in baggy pants around their knees than in those super-skin-tight emo kid stovepipe jeans! Blech!

Colleen said...

Alright, I already commented, but then I was tagged, and in turn I'm tagging you. (Don't shoot me.)

Its the "7 random things" meme.

Please, play along if you wish or can find the time!

HRH said...

hahaha. The Monster is insane. And that Awesome Blossom...mmmm thanks, now I am hungry.

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