Thursday, April 17, 2008

Potty Water

Now I've been a daycare director for a long time. Ive been through blackouts, transit strikes, weird smells, even terrorist attacks but yesterday was a new one for me.

It started out like any other day. A kid threw up while eating breakfast another child tried to feed the fish leggos. Finally I sat down at my desk to answer a few emails when suddenly a teacher ran in yelling that the toilet was overflowing. I smiled and let them know I would be there in a minute when some screaming got my attention. I ran to to the back and ran right into a rising pool of very cold water. I ran to the bathroom and saw teachers being pushed back by a rising flow of water gushing from the kids potty! Yes potty water was filling our school.

The children in the closest classroom stood in a little huddle. My son was among them. "Mommy the potty water is all over our room!" he cried. The water began to rise very quickly. I shouted to B. "Don't worry baby I'll be back for you!"I braved the potty current and tried to turn off the water and discovered there was no water main valve.

The teachers formed a line and we began to pass the kids over the potty water to the classrooms on higher ground.

The potty water was about ankle deep when the building super finally arrived to switch off the water main.

We spent the whole day moping and pumping the potty water out of the building.

As I went back to check on the rooms a little girl was crying in a corner. It turned out she was the one who used the potty when the pipe broke. She felt her pee had done the damage. Boy talk about a set back in toilet training.

B saw me and came running over. "Mommy" he yelled "You stopped the potty water!" and he threw his arms around me.

Some kids will remember their first pony ride others the first time they tied their shoes. But my son will remember the time his mommy saved him from the nasty potty water that took over his school.


WillThink4Wine said...

That was so funny. And today your are Super Mom!

Madge said...

so so funny! i love it. that poor little girl. and your son! Super Mommy to the rescue!

the teach said...

Suzie, I LOVE this story! A great story for him to tell when kids trade stories! Thanks for commenting on my "What if..." meme. :)

Colleen said...

I love how the last line of your comment poem doesn't rhyme. ;o)

Great story - you'll be a hero in B's eyes for a long time to come. And what do you want to bet he repeats this story to complete strangers? (My son tells everyone who will listen about the time Uncle Al fell off the roof. Huh...I'll have to tell that one on a Flashback Friday!)

Stacey Huston said...

LOl great post and glad you saved the children LOL poor little girl..

Anonymous said...

Sious, your blog is just so amusing. I don't even have to call anymore..I get the 411 right from here.
Amazing and I truly related to the dramatic version you did of bathnight. My son, elias could be Ben's understudy

Gerbil said...

omg that's just awesome.

HRH said...

I loved that you had to move to higher ground...for the story that is. Logistically it sounds like a nightmare! At least you got some kuddos from kiddos over it.

Melanie said...

I used to be the director a daycare and all sorts of crazy stuff happened- but nothing like that! Funny story!

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trying said...

you are hero!

man what is it with moms and toliet water are we a magnet for it?

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