Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday and a Ditty

S's first time eating apple sauce. I think we'll just stick to banana's.


S slept through the night last night!
It was so exceptional I have written a little ditty about my night

Once upon a evening turse
as I got ready to once again nurse
my baby she did soundly sleep
and made not a single solitary peep
I thought the worse as I always do
but happily it was not true
I could not believe it she must be sick
so quietly I did poke at her with a stick
but she only snuffled so I started to feara
so I checked her breathing with a mirror
It clouded up and did not remain shiny
so I gave a little sniff to her hiney
she wasn't wet or filled with poop
so back to my bed I did scoot
and stared at the monitor and tried to snooze
perhaps next time I'll try a little booze

But I did sleep 5 hours in a row! woo hoo!


Jenn said...

Aw, how cute. Banana's are better any way.

the teach said...

Adorable! And a great, funny poem! It's hard in the beginning but I'm glad you're having fun! :D

Stacey Huston said...

I always loved it when my kids tasted something new. Now that the oldest is almost 16 I am not sure if he tastes anything.. LOL thanks for sharing

We are THAT Family said...

Love the poem and the video. CUTE!

Maya said...

i can't get enough with the vedio, i've watch it 3 times; & still i laugh with you.
It truly tiring but rewarding to have kids. enjoy her coz time fly so fast.
happy WW!

WillThink4Wine said...

I prefer Bananers as well! Sleeping through the night is a wonderful thing! Hooray for consecutive hours of sleep for the weary Mother!

Madge said...

what a cutie. five hours sleep! now that's something.

Marsha said...

My babies all preferred bananas to applesauce! Hang in on the sleeping thing... in about 12 -13 years you will be begging her to get out of bed! lol


Lyn said...

how cute. the chocolate marshmallows are like potato chips you can't eat just one :) so have a few happy ww

Sindi said...

That was so cute. It reminded me of when my son was little and he first tasted peas. The only difference is he threw up, and still will not eat peas at age 14.

Loved the poem too:-)

Happy WW!

forgetfulone said...

Five hours in a row is pretty good! I remember those days. S is adorable!

Gerbil said...

Heh. Love those faces. The best though has to be the first time the try peaches and they try and turn their faces inside out.

Colleen said...

Oh, how sweet! She is SO adorable!

I still check on my kids like that (do you with your older one?) They both sleep through the night of course, but when they take those really long power naps, or sleep late, I get worried. I admit I poke, too. :O)

Blog Bandwagon said...

It reminds me of when my daughter first ate cereal. It ended up being her favorite.
Thanks for coming by yesterday!

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